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  • 22 October 2017

    This event repeats every week on Sunday for 12 occurrences

    Hey, RoH! 
    Okay, so last Sunday Night PvP was a go! We had an awesome turnout! Thank you, everyone, who showed up and PvPed and made it such a fun time! So we're going to keep on going with Sunday Night PvP! This is an easy going event you don't have to be good or anything just come along have fun and try your best! Please don't be afraid to give PvP a go if you're new or think you're not good enough. Practice is all it takes to get better. The goal of this event is to have an assured time once a week to get PvP going and to have fun doing so!   

    START TIME:  19:00 EST (7 PM EST) Sunday Night!
    DATE:  24/09/2017
    RP List
    @BaneofFisto @Jarkuta @threeangels @Ryback @Engris @Mikael @Handsome-T.K. @Loviotor @Razziie @Novaraven747  @Jaark @Undaunted @Law @Zenaline @Cdr Wolffe @Kujoman @Qera @Matatomi @Sayuri @Scya @WarlordSkywalker @Traid @Vintise @Keelonn @Hellary Ren @Countsmakula @Cpkeyes @Ny'rreen @caddok @Phoenix @Argyl @Jae Onasi @stephenkerr117 @Dymlos  @Lee @Wolfe Fang @Kalephone @Akuuyi @Dreyast @Stromness @Elisel @Celestial @Sassenack @Lili @Matatomi @Brightroot @Nayesh @Neo @ViVshotfirst @Villien @Stewvius @Moq @Arkyn'val @Moonique  @ShadowG  @Rall @Vil @Junlar @Katalaw @Zaifos @IcyFrost93 @DarthShadius @Chrisd8686 @Gizmo @envirion @Soasa @Jance @Icarus
    @Jinn Galia, @Sassenack, @Illithias, @Celestial, @Celeste Arness, @Githa, @Donut, @LMKurosu, @Katalaw, @AidenRhen, @Hrom, @Aldebaràn, @Azzareth, @ViVshotfirst, @Elisel, @Wolfe Fang, @Lee, @Shant, @joe3rdshifter, @tokage_kitayama, @embrey, @Garin Adiras, @Traid, @Optio, @Kyoushi, @Kalephone, @Akuuyi, @Kyle, @Bluegrass, @nell_chan, @Yazid, @Ashe, @Ezabel, @Dymlos, @Jeffrey Miller, @Jae Onasi, @Lili, @Phoenix, @Admiral Bunny, @Ny'rreen, @Muppet'darels, @Zulthan, @Rall, @T-Virus, @Ocean, @WildLore, @Vil, @Cpkeyes, @RuSilverDragon, @Vintise, @stingmaster, @vblakej, @Dreyast, @Christian Redheart, @Villien,  @Lunarcia, @Jon, @Jonknight, @Falcon III, @KageSennen, @RaVem, Razziie, @caddok, Eliian, Countsmakula, @Ben Crichton, @Dominant, @Queskiga, @LuckyJack, @RedhandChaos, @Stewvius, @Morgani, @Keelonn, @Lorena, @Jonknight, @silentdeer, @Moonique, @Undaunted, @Jaark, @Sienna, @Getius, @Taery'l, @Zenaline, @Nevistar, @Marr, @Martin, @Kialya, @Garrich, @Jossk, @NyssaEvu, @Midnightguard, @LucasThatch, @TheProTaco, @Enhs, @razinin , @Wolfshues, @headbangerlegacy, @Insignia, @Athelon, @Slfpolodark, @Feche, @aedilanigiro, @shimavitz, @ciscozero, @Neo, @wonkozsane, @Serbacus, @Nausx, @Qera, @Junlar, @N'Darasuum, @Jixara, @Tallon, @Kriusa, @WarlordSkywalker, @Kujoman, @Kilgannon, @Hybatir, @Woody, @Mevraz, @Revenuer, @Daddy.K, @Qianru, @Marajade, @BattingChart, @Adkimmel, @The High Priestess, @Mordantos, @Eric B, @alex, @ScarletKhaleesi, @Bab'ori, @noam, @Chris, @Mandy, @Vøre, @DaddyRotund, @Ubessik, @Vorn, @Alli, @Ryback, @Nayesh, @Aijakh, @ryebread, @UnloneRanger, @squiremarr_, @Tarsaris, @Soasa, @Hippy, @KalianVan, @Daranix, @Littlestar, @Hellary Ren, @Jarkuta, @Mêrçy, @IcyFrost93, @Zaifos, @Sirken1138, @Slazersc, @Artemiaseus, @Gizmo, @Nemo, @Razael, @Venator, @jedi_chris, @Kriege7, @Zangul, @Divine_cynic, @NewMasterChoco, @Nova05, @Icarus, @TerrableTerrabyte, @Ignibus, @Invisioned, @Ryase
    Imspide List
    @Katalaw @ViVshotfirst @RaVem @Elisel @Sayuri @Daddy.K @AidenRhen @Dirtnose @Githa @Droghan @vblakej @T-Virus @Reylin @Falcon III @Jae Onasi @Athelon @Kialya @LucasThatch @wonkozsane @Jixara @Hygelak @Woody @Azzareth @Junlar @Eric B @Mevraz @ScarletKhaleesi @Chispazo @Nikao @Undaunted @Razziie @Alli @Soasa @Thorn @ryebread @Getius @Taterfett @IcyFrost93 @Hellary Ren @Vil @Artemiaseus @iActium @Razael @Ignibus @Foreveress @Zangul @Nova05 @Mzuta313 @Slazersc @Icarus @NewMasterChoco
    Sorry for all the tags I just want to make sure everyone knows. Just in case anyone new wants to join in the future. If you want to be tagged in the future or know anyone who might be interested please post on here. Thank you all for your time! Also if you wish to be untagged in the future then please let me know in either Pm or on here. Thank you everyone!
    P.S. Also if there is anything you guys might suggest or want to ask then, by all means, please feel free to PM me or post on here. 

    Event details

    SWTOR 1 Comment

  • 18 October 2017 12:00 AM     02:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Wednesday forever

    Join us for our 12 member group Trials!
    Trials are the Elder Scrolls Online version of a raid. They consist of a balance between 12 members (usually 1-2 Tanks, 2-3 Healers, and the rest DPS). Members need to have a champion level character in order to participate; although a recommended CP level of 160 is highly encouraged. Gear needs to be current (contact the crafting department for assistance with this if needed). Ideal numbers for DPS are at least 14-16k per second and all members should have a minimum of 16k health (buffed). 
    Our current Trials consist of Aetherian Archives, Sanctum Ophidia, Hel Ra Citadel, Maw of Lorkhaj, and Halls of Fabrication; all on normal mode.  Veteran Trials are a separate event.
    Though the numbers may seem intimidating; with the proper gear and spells they are easily achieved. If you feel you are interested but are unsure if you can pull the recommended stats, please contact @Izuraia or simply ask in guild chat for assistance. There are plenty of members who are knowledgeable and willing to assist in teaching the ropes so we can have a core Trials group established.
    To participate in Trials, you'll need to sign up for it; the signup threads will go up in the PvE section of the forums.

    Event details

    ESO 2 Comments

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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