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  1. GW2 Saturday RP Event


    Saturday, October 7th. Tonight's Remnants Acquisitions event is an experiment in a new approach to our goal of helping those unable to defend themselves against the depredations of evil-doers. If successful, it will add another option to our choices for Saturday night expeditions. Rather than waiting for a client to ask for help and responding, we will mount expeditions preemptively when a dire threat to Tyria itself emerges, as in the recent opening of Elona ((the Path of Fire expansion)). We are now in a position to create a group within Remnants Acquisitions whose purpose is to deal with such threats preemptively -- before whole towns, cities, and cultures are destroyed. This would involve our most skilled Agents (( level 80s with the requisite skills and access )) -- our most formidable front-line fighters, most resolute healers, and most deadly ranged attackers . Given the seriousness of the challenge and our relative ignorance of the situation, these Agents would act largely on their own recognizance, able to respond to what they encounter as their training and good judgment direct. They will be the tip of the spear of Remnants Acquisitions, aimed directly at the heart of the enemy. They will be -- if the membership approves -- the Dreadnoughts. (( It is not the intention that Dreadnought events would replace either regular Central Tyria expeditions or RA-focused missions, rather that they offer a third option, if feasible and desired. It would also offer a way to provide more high-level Guild RP. )) (( Comments and feedback welcome. ))
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  4. Aw, shucks . . . you people are so nice.  Thanks, all.  :D

  5. Happy Birthday my old friend! I hope its a great day for you! May you have many, many more!

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    to Sim the Unavoidable and why would we want to?  


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  9. What they all said.   Sim the Indigent. ;) 

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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