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  1. Wow, I'm the first wishing you a happy birthday, Sweetbunny! :D 

  2. Listening to heavy metal themed holiday music and breaking holiday light bulbs here on the forum pages, life is good. :) 

  3. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. And today has been a great day! :)

  4. Happy Birthday.  I hope today is full of fun and friends. 

    1. Sweetbunny


      Happy birthday


  5. happy birthday elvewein

  6. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, Elvewein Elondra!!  :Smilies_Bananas_DanceFast:

  7. Nothing says good morning, like the crashing sound of cat food bowls, on to the floor at 5:30 in the morning....


  8. until

    Getting slammed with the patch update....Not sure how long its going to take, but I don't think I'm going to make this one, sorry everyone.
  9. until

    Sorry all, but I have another event in the RL that I have to attend tonight, but I will be able to be raid next Wednesday.
  10. until

    Seeing this a opportunity for Shuani to drag me back into Wow....I'll be there tonight. #1681
  11. until

    Sorry folks, postponing this event, due to the fact that I have satellite internet connection here, and with heavy rain fall, equals intermittent internet connection. :( So I'll try and re post this this event sometime next month, hopefully with less heavy rain fail. And again sorry folks, not much I can do about the weather, but it is what it is.... ;(
  12. until
    It's time for a scavenger hunt! Do you have what it takes to find nineteen plushie toys? And a mystery bonus item!? If you answer yes, to these questions cupcakes, then head on over to Elvewein Elondra's housing plot, and let's see how well you do cupcakes! Prizes will be home decor / war plot devices of your choice, made by yours truly, Elvewein Elondra. First to find all nineteen plushies - twenty home decor / war plot devices. Second place winner - fifteen home decor / war plot devices. Third place winner - ten home decor / war plot devices. Fourth place - five home decor / war plot devices. But wait, we did mention a mystery bonus item! Be the first to find the mystery bonus item and win five additional home decor / war plot devices along with being placed in one of our top four winning places, to walk away with some awesome swag, cupcakes! Rules and regulations for the scavenger hunt will be explained at the time of the event, so get there early cupcakes! And Teamspeak is required for the event. This has been a paid advertisement brought to you, by ProtoStar. Where making money matters.
  13. Sorry to say that I will be missing this event, as I have rl event that I have to attend, this coming weekend. And for everyone who is going to this event, have a good time.
  14. Cell phone is not working right, and the authenticator is on the cell phone, I can't get my wildstar fix.....

    1. Eliian


      You can always put a ticket in with customer support. The wait was not too bad when I switched phones :) A day at most.

  15. I'm going to schedule this event back an hour, there is another guild event going on at that same time. And no this is not a April fool's prank.

Congratulations to , Eronin, and stingmaster on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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