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    Videogames, RPGs, Tabletop Games, Politics, Economy, History, Business, Law. I like to talk about a lot of stuff.

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    Shant Hassildor, Shantea Avenicci, Shant Stormcloak, Shantea Menethil, Talisse Larethal

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  1. Sorry about the late wish, but Happy Birthday Jesse!


    been a while since we played together, i hope life is treating you and the husband well. Best wishes and i hope you had an awesome day! :) 

  2. Happy Birthday, Archivus!

    Best wishes and hope you have a marvelous day, wherever you are in a galaxy far far away!! :) 

  3. Happy Birthday Tayte! Best wishes and i hope you have an awesome day! :) 

  4. Happy Birthday Shil! Best wishes and i hope you had/is having a great day!

    1. Prancing Mad

      Prancing Mad

      Thanks, Shant! Day went alright, all things considered.

  5. Happy Birthday Fluxx! Best wishes and i hope you had/is having a great day!


    Best wishes and hope you have a great day! :) 

  7. Have a great birthday Telana! I'm sure Tallon will say these words in double and in a wide variety of different ways. Best wishes and i hope you have a great day! :D 

    1. Telana
    2. Telana


      Thanks Shant!

  8. Happy birthday Pookz! Long time no see. Hope all is well.

    Best wishes and i hope you have a fabulous day! :) 

  9. Happy Birthday Exo!

    Hope you're doing well my friend. Situation looks grim in Venezuela. The good thing is that you could come here more easily now as a refugee now that Maduro is not even hiding the kind of "leader" he is. 

    In any case i wish you all the best, i wish you hapiness, safety, good health and a prosper life. Happy Birthday!

    1. Littlestar


      FELUZ CUPLEANOS A TI !!!!!!!!! :sparklingheart:

    2. Exoniensis


      Thanks Becca! Thanks Shant!

      Yes, right now things in here are quite complicated, I had to pospone my plans of leaving the country until this get a bit better, not a good time to wander on the streets >.< But hopefully this will end soon :) 

  10. Happy Birthday Saal!


  11. Happy Birthday Xenu!

    Best wishes and i hope you have a marvelous day! :) 

  12. Happy Birthday Hrom! Hope you had an awesome day. Best wishes! :) 

  13. Happy Birthday Ced! 21 years old! You know what that means.... :D


    1. Sayuri


      Go to bed at a respectable hour after brushing your teeth??? :D 

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Couldn't keep a straight face for that one!

      Happy Birthday Cedany!!!! Be safe with any and all the crazy you get into for your birthday and you BETTER be getting into some crazy! :-*

    2. Cedany Silverstream

      Cedany Silverstream

      Thanks guys! :P Shant, you owe me some special Brazilian drink when you get to the US. 

  14. Happy Birthday Anna! Hope life is treating you well. Best wishes and hope you have a marvelous day! :) 

    1. Izuraia


      Thank you Shant!! :D 

  15. Happy Birthday Deyna! :) 


Congratulations to , Eronin, and stingmaster on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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