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  1. Happy Birthday my old friend! I hope its a great day for you! May you have many, many more!

  2. Happy birthday Koro! Hope it's a good one!

  3. Koro, happy Birthday, 31 times removed!  ;)  Have a wonderful year.  Sim


  4. Happy birthday, Koro! Hope you're having a good time today :D

  5. Have a super Happy Birthday, my friend! May your day be filled with awesome fun, family and cake!!


  6. Happy birthday Koro

  7. Glad to have you on board full time!

  8. Happy B'day Koro


  9. Happy birthday Koro! Hope you have a wonderful day! 

  10. Happy birthday, you mastermind you!

  11. Happy Birthday Koro.  May you Drink and be Merry this day!!

  12. Happy birthday to the best wife evah!  Love ya sweetie!!

    1. Tam


      IT was the best day thanks to the best husband ever!


  13. I hate not having access to forums at work. :(  Leaves me all anxious to see how people are doing and what kind of stuff is happening!  Curse my impatience! lol

    1. Blademartial


      What kind of IT department do you have, The Third Reich?!  Jeeez... they blocked your access to forums or our site specifically?

      Also.. I totally just saw you're in Arizona too... where at? I'm in Metro PHX.  If you're close, I SUGGEST BEER!

    2. Koro


      Love being in Arizona.  I'm in the Gila Valley about 2 and a half hours from Phx.  Safford, to be precise.  

      And I teach high school, so the blocking of the website makes sense.  It is categorized as "game" so it automatically closes access to it.  Wouldn't want our students distracted with their games when they are supposed to be learning! :P

      To be fair, I can't check it during class anyways.  But during my prep in the mornings and during lunch I sure crave checking the forums for news!

    3. Blademartial


      Okay that makes perfect sense then!  Anytime you have plans to head down to PHX, let me know.  I'll take you out for a pint!

  14. Hello sir!  May I ask who are your assistants in the roleplay department in SWTOR?

    1. Kaxon Rudder

      Kaxon Rudder

      That would be Kota, Colt, and Quaxo

    2. Koro


      Thanks! I will be sending a message to you all shortly, that is why I asked.  :D

  15. So Labor Day weekend a few weeks ago, I get a call Sunday Morning that my classroom flooded!  4 inches of water buildup.  Now I am out of my classroom until sometime around Thanksgiving.  It is so hard to be a teacher without a classroom, I am pulling my hair out! Hence, I have not been on game as much as I am dealing with an extra difficult workload to replan and find ways to teach students in the various spots the school placed me until my room is clean.  Complaining rant over now, but also wanted to give explanation as to my comm silence. Still love checking the forums though!

    1. heartless


      I can imagine what you're going through. I live with my sister and she's teaching a 5/6 combo and I listen to a lot of the headaches of teaching. It's a tough profession and doesn't get the pay it deserves.

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