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  1. [ESO] SIF's Application

    A silly serious question? Is that such a thing? I'm more of a ketchup guy myself, though occasionally I will have both! If you don't mind me asking, why go to South Wales in the year 1602? Anything specific going on that year that I can't think of? Anyways, welcome aboard, we are glad you found your way here! Looking forward to gaming with you!
  2. [ESO] Spider Sensei's Application

    Welcome @Spider Sensei! Your application is being processed so you will hear from our recruitment officer soon! Glad you found your way here! I noticed you've played a wide array of different games. What did you think of Shadow of Mordor, and are you trying out Shadow of War? I'm in the 2nd one right now and really enjoying the experience. Thanks again for applying, and best of luck in your application! Let us know if you have any questions about our community!
  3. Being a history buff I think you will like this 

  4. Way to go Honey! you will be an amazing Leader, but I will miss you in real life. lol!!! can't wait to play ESO with you. 

    1. Koro


      lol Its not gonna be that bad. :P

  5. Dangit, sorry I missed this! So much going on I didn't even look. Happy late birthday my old friend! I hope it was a great one!

  6. Happy Birthday my old friend! I hope its a great day for you! May you have many, many more!

  7. Ummm... Ya coming?

  8. Happy birthday Koro! Hope it's a good one!

  9. Koro, happy Birthday, 31 times removed!  ;)  Have a wonderful year.  Sim


  10. Happy birthday, Koro! Hope you're having a good time today :D

  11. Have a super Happy Birthday, my friend! May your day be filled with awesome fun, family and cake!!


  12. Happy birthday Koro

  13. Glad to have you on board full time!

  14. Happy B'day Koro


  15. Happy birthday Koro! Hope you have a wonderful day! 

Congratulations to Dymlos, RaVem, Juggz and Cycleguy, on being the Members of the months for December for their primary divisions!

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