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    Anything I can do to help
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    For those who love to fish this is your day (days)! And for those who don't, be prepared to be board our of your ever liven mind! To the winner goes......I haven't quite figured that out yet. Please mail your catch to Safron who will be keeping track of one and all. The fish have to come from the Broken Isle and bait fish do not count. Would prefer fish to be those used in "snacks" cooked up for Raid nite. If you have any question do not hesitate to leave me an in game note (mail). As always have fun and try to stay out of trouble.........I know that's impossible for some of you but ya can't win them all. Rain
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    Contest for who gathers the most current (Broken Isle) mats. Can be mining, herbs, leather, cloth, dust, etc. You may not use any mats that you previously gathered before start date of event. I will be keeping track by what gets placed in the bank by whom. First place gets 2,000 gold, second place gets 1,000 gold, and third place gets 500 gold. If you would rather choose companion pets I do have a nice selection.
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    Sounds great hope I can get some dungeon runs going with the guild. Still need the regular ones for gear, is it possible to do them on this night?
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    Bringing a Wyvern and a Pteranadon
  6. until
  7. until

    I will try to be there if the internet is working properly. My plot will be public, enjoy! Merry Christmas to all!!
  8. until

    Sounds great would love to go!
  9. until
    Come join the fun/grind, gain reputation, gold and other goodies.
  10. I have read this and agree to all content./sign Rain Cloud (Logan in TS)
  11. Salutations! My name in game is Rain Cloud and my alts name is Rain Virga, (virga is a name for a cloud formation). If you hear the name Logan in Team Speak that's me. I am a Registered Nurse and I work full time night shift so you will not see me Thur., Friday, or Sat nights (sad face). I have 2 cats, Tempest and Ashes, one horse (Cactus) and one significant other who plays World of Warcraft. I live in Lander Wyoming, a little town just south of the Shoshone Reservation. I have 3 children all grown and gone. I have played MOM's for six years and loved every minute. Most of my characters are healers, (giggle wonder why?). Thank you all for letting me be a part of your family (love that!!). Hope to see you in game and get acquainted will all of you.

    1. Aravail


      Nice to meet you Rain Cloud, welcome to RoH!

    2. Rain Cloud

      Rain Cloud

      Nice to meet you too Aravail. it has been a great few days getting to know you all. 

Congratulations to , Eronin, and stingmaster on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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