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  1. [GW2] Tavern Night

  2. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    1. Prancing Mad

      Prancing Mad

      Thank you! Had to work, but went alright. ;)


  3. Happy Birthday Shil! Best wishes and i hope you had/is having a great day!

    1. Prancing Mad

      Prancing Mad

      Thanks, Shant! Day went alright, all things considered.

  4. Happy birthday, Prancy!

  5. Happy birthday prancing  mad

    1. Prancing Mad

      Prancing Mad

      Thanks, Azzareth!

  6. Have a super Happy Birthday, Prance! I hope your day is filled with fun, friends and cake!!


    1. Prancing Mad

      Prancing Mad

      Thanks, Siren! If fun is going to work, then yes, there was fun. :P

  7. Shilandra,

    MsKitty told me to talk to you if i needed to change my Profile name.  i think that would be best to reflect my SWTOR main toon name.  the name is Taery'l.  and if you would please make the change in the guild notes for Taery'l and alt. A'koshya.  


    thank you.


    1. Prancing Mad

      Prancing Mad

      I got your forum name changed, if you can get with an officer within SWTOR to get your guild note changed. :)

    2. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      @Taery'l @Shilandra I changed the forum name on both toons' guild notes in game. :)

    3. Taery'l
  8. Think it's time for an avatar change...

    1. Sweetbunny


      I like it :) and i happy you up this as a status cuse i just look for your avatar to find u are u going to put it on Steem to ? 

    2. Prancing Mad
    3. Phoenix


      it must look fabulous!

  9. Community Assembly Meeting

  10. Just going to casually drop this here... 


  11. Community Assembly Meeting

    Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay on this, but our Community meeting shall be this coming Friday, July 1st at normal time. *DC's & Officers - please have a Division/Department report ready to present by this time. If you are unable to make it, please forward it to either your respective DC or Assistants who will speak in your stead (depending on who will will be in attendance), and if all else fails, feel free to forward it to the EC and myself. This meeting's agenda is as follows: Introduction - @Tallon ( @Shilandra will be ~1 hour late) Brief Financial Status GW2 - @Gaean State of GW2 RP/Social - @Sim the Ineluctable PvP - @FluxxRoxx Recruitment - @Itsscience PvE - @Aristinn Seneschal - @Zang Wildstar - @Bubblegum State of Wildstar Recruitment - @Toadwick Social - @Bubblegum Crafting - @Ereosa PvE - @Derp Zilla SWTOR - @ViVshotfirst State of SWTOR RP - @Larial PvP - @Sweetbunny Emporium - @Scya PvE - @RaVem Recruitment - @Elisel Open forum The open forum is where any thoughts, ideas, comments, or questions from anyone are welcome (i.e. podcast updates, website/forum updates, community events, etc).
  12. Community Meeting

    Details inside
  13. Happy Birthday to you as well!

  14. Happy birthday, mate!

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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