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  1. Because I know you love Pokemon 



    1. Littlestar


      this ... no. Digimon is the work of the dark lord satan. This is .. wait the recommended movies after this has chris pratt's abs i have to watch that i'll be back later

    2. Soven26


      But clearly there are pokemon in this video so its not evil as you claim

  2. Congrats on surviving another revolution around the sun! Just remember sun burns and healers can't help you if you decide to hug it!

  3. until

    Bah alergy attack is getting worse probally will sit out
  4. until

    sent SO good im lemon pi is me,
  5. until

    dont know how long ill be able to stay just a heads up though Edit I already have Table Top
  6. until

    ooo ticket to ride sure, what time?
  7. until

    Welp Ill go Dragonhunter then just need to get more food during week
  8. until

    I am guessing this is where we sign up, I will be bringing a Dragonhunter Scepter/Torch/Sheild build off Meta site. I have reviewed the rotation and am ready.
  9. Happy Birthday hunny I love u 

  10. Hi hunny you should look into this from game (Make A Sentence From 5 Letters ) I think u love it

  11. Iam sorry u having a bad day Cheer up hunny I love U :-*

  12.  she forced me to

    1. Sweetbunny


      I made Kyle put this on Telana feed i thougth he/all of u would find it funny. I think its cute

    2. Telana


      Ice cream is a serious matter. 

      Thanks for sharing :P 

  13. My wife made me enable this i know not why shes weird at times 

    1. Sweetbunny


      So people could send you will wished and happy birthday wishes in July 

    2. Gaean


      I wish you well and have a happy b'day in July, Soven!

    3. Soven26


      its not even July yet, plus its just a bad cold i think. 100.3 temp yesturday yay....

Congratulations to , Eronin, and stingmaster on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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