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  1. Because its your birthday here are a couple dad jokes:

    What is the least spoken language in the world?              Sign language. 
    Medusa is the worst boss one could ever have....she is constantly objectifying her employees. 

    what do you call dental photos?                                             Tooth pics

    Breaking news a man who took an Airline to court over missing luggage....sadly he lost his case 


  2. Hope u feel better soon!

    1. Soven26


      me too 


  3. Get well soon here's a joke I was saving for you!




    1. Soven26


      What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt


  4. Happy Belated Birthday!  I hope you enjoyed your day and that Sweetbunny was extra good to you (I'm sure she was.)  :)

    1. Soven26


      nah she was her normal mischievous self 

  5. Happy birthday

  6. Happy birthday hunny i love u 

  7. Happy Birthday!! :D

  8. Happy birthday!!!

  9. Because I know you love Pokemon 



    1. Stargirl


      this ... no. Digimon is the work of the dark lord satan. This is .. wait the recommended movies after this has chris pratt's abs i have to watch that i'll be back later

    2. Soven26


      But clearly there are pokemon in this video so its not evil as you claim

  10. Congrats on surviving another revolution around the sun! Just remember sun burns and healers can't help you if you decide to hug it!

  11. Ticket to Ride - Saturday Night Tabletop


    Bah alergy attack is getting worse probally will sit out
  12. Ticket to Ride - Saturday Night Tabletop


    sent SO good im lemon pi is me,
  13. Ticket to Ride - Saturday Night Tabletop


    dont know how long ill be able to stay just a heads up though Edit I already have Table Top
  14. Ticket to Ride - Saturday Night Tabletop


    ooo ticket to ride sure, what time?

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