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  1. Jumping Puzzles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Let's do that one in Ember Bay!
  2. Remnants Raiders


    Thanks Juno!
  3. Remnants Raiders


    We're still missing two people :( EDIT: I guess one person because of the guest.
  4. Remnants Raiders


    phalanx warrior
  5. Remnants Raiders


    oh, i'll bring my warrior, probably.
  6. Remnants Raiders


    what's ironic is that i leveled leatherworking, tailoring to 500 when I should have leveled armorsmith to 500 so I can put ascended armor on my warrior....I guess I still have time to gather resources and stuff. It's gonna suck leveling armorsmith for that ascended armor, my bank hates me :(
  7. Remnants Raiders


    yay we got 9! One more!
  8. Remnants Raiders


    In the defense of my engineer. The raid on Tuesday was the first raid with my new computer. Unlike my laptop (which I used for raids with engi), I feel virtually no lag with my new computer. I suffered intermittent lag, and some high lag spikes using my laptop. However, i'm won't be sure how i'll do with raiding using engineer on my new computer until I actually attempt it. I am perfectly fine with raiding from now on with my warrior. Just wanted to defend my poor engineer who doesn't see much love :(
  9. Remnants Raiders


    I've been having some internet issues. I'm putting "going" as of now, but if it gets shaky closer to raid day/time, i'll make another comment.
  10. Remnants Raiders


    engi dps
  11. Trial Member Night

    Hello folks, The Recruitment Department is hosting a trial member night where trial members (or new members) decide on what to do. Anything feasible is up for grabs. Dungeons, low level fractals, map quests, pvp, rp, map completion, or anything you can think of and would like to do. We will meet in the Guild Hall and then decide on what to do from there. The schedule/date is tentative and may change, but for now it is Saturday @ 8:00 PM EST lasting till whenever we are done. Hope to see you there! ~Recruiting Department
  12. RP Night- 8:30 PM EDT

    This is scheduled for Saturday on the calender.
  13. sPVP for fun

    Hello folks I will be doing sPVP during this time. I have very little experience with sPVP so this is purely for fun. If anyone would like to join me, that would be awesome. I am unable to make it to the guild sPVP mission night so I decided to make a time for sPVP that fits more my schedule. The day/time is tentative as of now may change later. See you in the Mists!
  14. Trial Member Event Night!


    **Gather at the Guild Hall (Press G, and click "Guild Hall" in the top right corner of the Guild window) no earlier than 8:30PM, and at 9PM (or there-abouts) we'll see what magic awaits us!** OK so is it from 9PM-10PM EST? The title says 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (I'm assuming EST). I vote option 1.
  15. Remnants of Hope: Rules and Regulations

    /Sign Live long and prosper.

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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