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  1. @RaVem, how's this build been treating you the last few weeks? Any tweaks you've made?
  2. This is a fantastic guide with a lot of condensed, very helpful information. Original Text:
  3. Automated Tournament

    Every Saturday we run a guild group for the afternoon (sometimes late morning) sPvP Automated Tournament. All are welcome, but, as this is a competitive event, it is highly recommended you find a good PvP spec and run some Unranked sPvP events with us in order to get a feel for the teamwork needed. Teamspeak is a necessity for this event. The time for this event shifts from week to week. We keep the in-game MotD event time updated for the current week. Event contact info: @Yakazi (RiffWarrior.4102) or @Deyna (UberNoob.2947)
  4. Cry Havoc! And let slip the Hops of war.

    You (yes, You), are welcome to join us every Wednesday night after Guild Missions for some death and mayhem in WvW. You can gear how you like and spec how you like. No WvW experience necessary. Teamspeak is very much recommended though. We normally begin right around 10:00 p.m. but sometimes start a bit later. For info on playing WvW, feel free to check the info in our guild website club: LINK Event contact info: @Owinn (Samis.1750) or @Hrom (Aleph.3296)
  5. Unranked sPvP

    All are welcome to join us in this our UNRANKED SPVP!! group. No experience necessary. No skill necessary. No pants necessary. We're just looking to have fun with guildies. (Teamspeak is recommended.) Event contact info: @Yakazi (RiffWarrior.4102)
  6. Wed. Nights: WvW Group!

    I'll be leading this evening, so we'll probably be starting a touch later than normal. I'll try to be on at 10:00, but it more likely be around 10:15. Just doing some quick tags. Please feel free to tag others. @RaVem @Jinn Galia @Shaaahn
  7. Should be! I'm not sure if I'll be on due to Thanksgiving houseguests, but I'm going try to make it on at some point.
  8. Haha, I guarantee their tactics are superior. I include him more for his possible input than to inform him of anything.
  9. The purpose of this post is to expound a set of best practices and tactics for our WvW havoc groups in order to provide those who wish to increase the effectiveness of our groups a basic playbook from which to operate. If you run WvW with us it is NOT expected that you adhere to this information nor is anyone to criticize those who do not. While this should greatly increase group effectivess, it is entirely optional. These are not starter builds (those may be found here). Many of these are pretty expensive and only useful in WvW. These are not meant to be roaming or zerg builds, but many will double as one or the other with a few modifications. This is very much a work in progress. Anything and everything in it is up for discussion. I will definitely add more and will likely modify some of the builds (though not very heavily). I'd really like feedback. Group Composition Profession Roles Communication Movement, and other combat stuff Please let me know if you'd like to be removed from the tag list. It won't hurt my feelings. Promise. @Yakazi @Idolyz @Raeb @ViVshotfirst @KageSennen @Squeeks @Mevraz @ShogunTaira @Stromness @Jinn Galia @MeRB @Erin @Olsi @demonbunny @Itsscience @Maeric @Shaaahn @Aurelious @Penarddun @pareod @RaVem @AlexanderK9 @Jak @Casitel Oathbreaker @Owinn @BlixBlix @Deyna @Zang @Ashira @Shant @Sweetbunny
  10. Insomniac Havoc

    I ended up postponing it. The raid lasted lasted longer than I anticipated, and I didn't want to get started at 12:30. Thanksgiving guests may preclude me from running it this week, but I'm thinking I might try Thursday late night next.
  11. Insomniac Havoc

    Three good options: Support Firebrand - more of a zerg build, but would be effective in havoc too Burn Firebrand - more damage-oriented so a little more suited to havoc than Support Firebrand Meditrapper Roamer - good build as Jin attests to; more of a solo build so might want to fit a support skill or two in (like Purging Flames and/or Stand Your Ground); maybe go mace/shield over sword/shield
  12. Insomniac Havoc

    No worries, guys. This is more a supplemental event. The main one is the Wednesday night one.
  13. Insomniac Havoc

    This Saturday we're going to give a late night havoc group a go. The event does not have an exact start time, as we will be starting after the raid group finishes their event. More than likely, we'll begin somewhere in the 11:30/midnight range (EST). This is NOT a replacement for the Wednesday night event. @Yakazi @Idolyz @Raeb @ViVshotfirst @KageSennen @Squeeks @Mevraz @ShogunTaira @Stromness @Jinn Galia @MeRB @Erin @Olsi @demonbunny @Itsscience @Maeric @Shaaahn @Aurelious @Penarddun @pareod @RaVem @Jak @Casitel Oathbreaker @Owinn @BlixBlix @Deyna @Zang @Ashira @Shant @Sweetbunny
  14. Each Wednesday night after guild missions (approx. at 10:00/10:15 p.m. EST), we run a guild havoc group. The estimable @Owinn leads, and I chase squirrels. Every. Single. Person. in the guild is welcome. We don't care about WvW gear or skill; we're just looking to have a fun event with guildies. Joining in TS would be nice though.

Congratulations to Dymlos, RaVem, Juggz and Cycleguy, on being the Members of the months for December for their primary divisions!

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