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  1. I'm gonna havoc me some fun!
  2. This is awesome @Hrom! Glad I made the "Useful" list. Are we doing some havoc tonight?!? I find havoc alot more fun than zerging, though I understand the need to help the zerg too lol.
  3. Wed. Nights: WvW Group!

    I am definitely in tomorrow! I had an awesome time and have been trying to recruit more to our cause!
  4. Insomniac Havoc

    I have been using the Meditrapper build and it's been pretty awesome! Great mobility, decent burst and good sustain!
  5. That's great to know! Time to reset my points! Haha
  6. Havoc!

    I am running a Meditrapper Roaming DH build. It has been super fun so far! What are you guys running @ViVshotfirst @Shaaahn @Yakazi @Maeric @Penarddun @Raeb? Looks like a pretty good group we got going here! Jinn
  7. Come on In!

    @Shaaahn @Maeric @Penarddun Join us in here! who's down for next week's WvW/karaoke discussion/Everquest memorial? LOL
  8. Starter Builds

    Thanks @Hrom
  9. Starter Builds

    Where does this build fit? https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Warrior_-_Dodging_Makes_Right Metabattle had it as a top smallscale wvw build. Thanks! Jinn
  10. Just a quick message about this week in ROH Raiding. Thanks to all the feedback given on the Second Raid Night poll, we've decided to try out running a Saturday raid to accompany our Thursday raid night. It will be at 9pm EST. Sign-ups will be at the same time as the Thursday run, and you are free to sign up for one or both. Priority for Saturday will be given to those who are NOT scheduled on Thursday, however. So if Saturday is your preferred day, only sign up for Saturday, as you are not guaranteed both days. Secondly, we will be opening new raid content next week as we'll be doing the Escort Glenna fight. If completed, we can go to Cairn and Mursaat afterwards. In the coming weeks, we will also be opening up Vale Guardian and eventually, Samarog! Finally, if you want to be scheduled for either raid night, you MUST fill out the Raid Spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r7rYpaX_x6nNqUrYsmVABDgnoyKeW3keLbCHUYNW1-U/edit?usp=sharing). I know it's a (very small) inconvenience, but we are now going to be trying to organize a large number of players, and in order to create teams that give you the best chance to succeed, we need to know what characters you are looking to play and have some information about your build/gear/rotation. Also, if you have characters that you don't want to raid with, or have very incomplete information, please update. **SIGN UP FOR THIS COMING WEEK WILL BE POSTED ON SUNDAY EVENING. AROUND 10PM EST** Exciting news and thanks to everyone for all the interest in raiding!
  11. Join Here!!!

    Hey @Yakazi. Here's the club I was telling you about. Can discuss how to make wvw builds, different classes and wvw tactics. I know there was also a beginner guide that's starting. Would be fun to see you and @pareod get in here! Jinn
  12. Verdant Brink Guide

    You and your Verdant Brink.... lol
  13. Havoc!

    I plan on trying out a core warrior build I like if I can make it out with you guys on next Wednesday.
  14. Havoc!

    Do you guys mainly run builds that are team-centric, or do you run self-sustainable builds? I know that there are alot of methods to building a wvw character. I will never be soloing and always in a group, but even then, I read that some prefer self-sustainable builds. Thoughts?

Congratulations to Dymlos, RaVem, Juggz and Cycleguy, on being the Members of the months for December for their primary divisions!

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