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  1. GW2 Saturday RP Event


    I may be a tad late. But I intend to get there! I WANNA PLAZ!
  2. New Years Eve Party!

    WoW is having a New Years Eve Party! See the cut and paste. We will be having a party!! The first one will be at The Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran TONIGHT! Starting at 21:00 ET ( 9:00 ET). There's a full bar and wait staff. With rooms upstairs for those who have to be carried out. We have a jukebox type system for music. If you'd like to make a music selection you can do one of three things: First and most preferred go to Plug.Dj , make a quick account, make a playlist of stuff hat you like and join the DJ ration (three songs then let someone else play). The second would be to make song request on the fly and lay them on whomever is D.J. at the moment. The final way would be to post them like here and hope that some one sees em and throws em on their play list (I'll do it). The Plug DJ room for Remnants of Hope WoW is https://plug.dj/roh-wow . All ya gotta do really is open it in your browser adjust the volume and listen to the music (there are videos too). This is a casual RP. There is no script nor story line. Totally off the cuff. All RoH members will be assumed to know each other in character to avoid the whole intro/timeline thing. If the play lists run dry, an alternate music channel will be selected from the Plug DJ community (and can easily be changed on the fly). All are Invited to attend. Sub 60's will be summoned or taxied to the city. I'll post a calendar event for it next (Please sign up if you intend to attend. If no one signs up I'll probably end up beating the crap outa' noobs in Battle Grounds instead).
  3. Black Friday Decompression!!

    So how much fun was the insanity of Black Friday? What better way to wrap those gifts than in the blood stained cloaks of your enemies? Then you can top it off with some leftover turkey and a tall glass of toon tears! Come and join Frost and myself in a bit of stress relief! We'll be doing battlegrounds in hopes of venting all of that built up frustration from yesterdays shopping trips!
  4. Black Friday Face Stomp!!

    Ahhhh... The season is upon us and what better way to celebrate the spirit of giving than to liberally pass out boots to the head? Frost and I will be doing random Battle grounds and invite all who wish to share in the spreading of cheer and head trauma!
  5. Roleplay Class All Divisions


    Looking forward to this. Will do my best to be done with chores and at my desk by 1600. I swear I won't swipe any notes, nor God mod guffaw.
  6. Roleplay Class 101 Basics


    *Will be represent'n the Bronze Beards*
  7. WS Laser Phaser Barn Raising


    I may be a bit late depending on my yard work requirements (Dusk is the best time to mow with highs of 97*).
  8. Housing Parade


    I'm going but will be bouncing sack and forth between chats. Z wanted to have a meeting tonight too. Hopefully I'll have Hampster Tubes playable by the meeting.
  9. WoW RoH Comunity Meeting

    Just a laid back casual get together to discuss developments, the direction of the WoW guild and World of Warcraft.
  10. WoW Legion project meeting

    Since the last meeting showed an overwhelmingly common interest in RP, I'd like to gather the discuss potential cities and sights to call home. There are so many ranging from population heavy standards to obscure remote secluded. This will of course start out in TS but may evolve into some ingame sight seeing.
  11. WoW Legion project meeting

    I'd like to have the RoH WoW guild gather to discuss the preferences, arrangements, and scheduling of events. I'd like to discuss the practice of group activities such as level sensitive raids designed to both let us practice raid and premade as well as help level those who need them. I'd like discuss a foundation for active in character role play to include considerationa for adopting a city or site on Azeroth. This event will begin in TS but may move in game depending on the progress of topics.
  12. Casino night/fashion show planning

    I'd like to move into some discussion and planning for the Casino night/fashion show after BubbleGum's Meet and Greet. Seems a perfect time to both establish and solidify the event. This is also BubbleGum's baby. But I'm fully prepared to be a nagging pain in the rear to make the Fashion Show happen.
  13. LEGION PROJECT MEETING! We're a guild now.


    PWNage#1128 Amorex - Alliance I think....
  14. until
    Tonight's meeting will now be to discuss and hopefully sentence.... I mean receive a guild leader. We will also need to come up with sub commanders for various whatevers (Raid, PvP, Recruiting, what have you). We also need to discuss Recruiting procedures (RoH vetting, inter or extra guild, etc). As well as formalize a tabard and discuss a theme and or guild lore. Of course we'll be throwing and inviting RoH guildies to the WrA guild.
  15. [WS] Division Meeting


    Direction of the social aspects of the guild. I want to find out what people want from WS Division as far as events. How much interest there is in RP, what type of RP. What we can do to make things better, maintain interest and retain players. Dun worry Bubbles. I be good.

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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