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    I like reading and messaging with my friends. I like movies and talking to people. I can be kind of shy but I talk a lot sometimes. I like to help people when i can and i like to heal people in games.

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  1. Because I know you love Pokemon 



    1. Littlestar


      this ... no. Digimon is the work of the dark lord satan. This is .. wait the recommended movies after this has chris pratt's abs i have to watch that i'll be back later

    2. Soven26


      But clearly there are pokemon in this video so its not evil as you claim

  2. Hi i miss you i bought shorts today

    1. Morgannopants


      This pleases me! I miss you, too! <3

  3. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY ILY!!  :heart: :heart:

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I MISS YOU :D Say hi to your family too :)

  5. um... yeah it says i dont have permission to like talk in it, but i joined in, so there is a start right?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Krypt


      ok cool thx

    3. Littlestar


      you can move around now devilghosti fixed you!

    4. Krypt


      cool thx

  6. Very happy birthday :) 

    1. Izuraia


      Thank you Littlestar!! :D 

  7. Hi happy birthday come back and play with us! ❤️😁

  8. Hi Aelesia I miss you. I see you visited on Monday but if you came back I wanted you to see a happy note that you are not forgotten and still loved. Red Heart

  9. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Greyranger


      TY littlestar B)

  10. AHHHHHHH @The High Priestess you didn't tell me it was your birthday I just talked to you last night!!!!


    also your message thingy is turned off so I put it on mine HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

  11. So I had this really good plan bc my dad said I couldn't start reapplying until Tuesday so I went in and was bothering my brother and finally when my dad was like "don't you have anything better do to" I was like "no I can't reapply until tomorrow" and now I have to wait until Wednesday. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Chapmonious


      *claps excitedly*

    3. ShogunTaira


      *Clapping intensifies*

    4. Raeb


      You should have responded    " I could be doing drugs and crimes but I think reapplying and playing GW2 is less harmful ;) "

  12. Im so lonely ugh when can i not be in timeout anymore? : P 

  13. I never met you but I hope your als got better and you are having the best 55th birthday on Earth and not in heaven yet *hugs*

  14. Awww cute avatar

    1. Raeb


      I saw you changed yours, might as well join the Christmas hype train :)

      PS. (I've been wanting to get a pug dog) XD

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