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    I like reading and messaging with my friends. I like movies and talking to people. I can be kind of shy but I talk a lot sometimes. I like to help people when i can and i like to heal people in games.

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  1. waves.  hope your day is going well.  :)

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    2. stingwolf


      first firsts...thats a thing

    3. Squeeks
    4. stingwolf


      i know just  throwing that in for a laugh  :D

  2. OMG PEW ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY YOU OLD MAN HAHA jk :IMG_3736::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738::IMG_3738:



  3. I saw this and thought of you. Did you go to the gay nazi wedding?



    1. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      Wait isn’t that like cats and dogs living together and mass hysteria happening? :P

    2. HighOverlordXenu
    3. Stargirl
  4. Happy birthday your pic on your profile scares me xD

  5. Super happiest of birthdays!! 


    1. Elisel


      Thank you Becca!! Haha that is so cute !

  6. I just realized you won the day on my birthday so I’m sorry you are now my enemy and I will have to dessstroooyyyy you


    jk *hugg* :sparklingheart: :IMG_3736:

  7. Good Boy

  8. My character so far! :)

    Is he wearing a paper bag?
  9. IMG_20170721_041613.jpg

    haha this preview just says "fast for the naked" xDD I love your sonic pics!!
  10. Since no one has a birthday today and because I'm bored in church I googled who has birthdays today. 


    • Alfie Deyes is 24
    • that little girl from good luck Charlie is 9
    • hank Williams who sang country songs is dead but he would have been 94 if he was alive
    • Jimmy Johnson a race car driver is 42

    And a bunch of other people but no one REALLY famous just internet famous or dead or a sports person

  11. I'm sorry i hven't been around. It's 3:30 in the morning and im still up bc anxiety. Things are not going well at school. I don't want to get into it but my dad came to the school to talk to them about it and he ended up storming out bc they are  obnoxous. I wish i was back in middle school. Or at another school. Or not in school. 


    I'll try to be back soon. Sorry.

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    2. Droghan


      Hang in there speedster, before you know it, it'll be all behind you and you'll be the stronger for making it thru.


      Also remember, we're all a little weird, its the normal ones you have to watch out for ;)


    3. joshhamm


      i hope it gets better for you littlestar :) speaking from experience you don't want to miss high school no matter what happens. Im a hs dropout and its not getting any easier for me so i know what i'm talking about. Good luck to you!

    4. Jen'ari-asha


      I hope things get better Littlestar. I'm sorry things aren't going well.
      Let me know if you want me to beat them up for bothering you

  12. Feliz cupleanos a tu! I think that's how you spell everything. Wait! Creo eso como (idk to spell) todos. 


    Yeah I butchered that. FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!

    1. Shant


      Idk what that means, we usually say "Feliz Aniversário"! in portuguese, but thanks for the wishes Becca! :) 

    2. Stargirl


      yeah but i don't know Portuguese so i was hoping it was close enough to spanish xD

    3. Shant


      Close enough! :D 

  13. Hey Becca, just wanted to pop in and say hello; hope school is going well.  Miss seeing you in SWTOR.  All the best *hugs*

    1. Stargirl


      thanks its really more difficult than i thought and im like really tired and kind of overwhelmed still. I had a quiz today in math well a pretest and i think i bombed it because we were gone all weekend and i didnt know to study for it. So im kind of bummed about that. Also I have no classes with ANY of my friends but we do sit together at lunch but it's kind of weird it seems.. different. I won't go into it but  ... it's harder than middle school. I kind of miss middle school. Things were simpler. 

    2. Elisel


      *nods* Yea HS is a huge change!  I hope it gets better for you soon.  Maybe will see you once things calm down and/or holidays.  Hang in there!  I'm rooting for you!


    3. Neo


      Becca, that's how I felt for all of Middle School. I never had good classes as all my friends were put in different classes than I was. But year after year, I got very use to it. After, Winter Break, I'm sure it won't be so bad. :) 


      Now, in High School, I tend to care less to be honest. But at least, I'm now put with my friends then away. I'm usually a shy person IRL who doesn't interact too much so it doesn't bother me that much. 



  14. Omg worst night ever. My phone died before having to sit through my brother's boy scout ceremony and so i had to watch everything and it was so boring but he's a tinder foot which i thought was a dating app? I COULDNT EVEN GOOGLE AND FIND OUT. Now I'm home and it's almost 9 and i havent even done homework ugh :RAGE:

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    2. Stargirl


      my older brother does that. Ew. I have to share that shower. 

    3. Nova05


      Luckily he's not in the shower, just sitting on the toliet for like 1-3 hours.

      It could be worse.

    4. joshhamm


      hopefully tomorrows more eventful fir you :) .

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