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    Anything geeky, family, gardening (ask me about tomatoes!), writing fiction (fantasy) and non-fiction (mainly ophthalmology/optometry journal articles), anything eye/vision related, history of medicine, music (anything from Medieval motets to metal symphonic rock), genealogy, Christianity (yes, I'm moderate-to-conservative. No, I'm not planning to proselytize or be proselytized by other political/religious viewpoints. I'm here to game, not debate.).

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    Carth Onasì (alt 141 for the funny ì), Dougael, La'Bella
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    Jedi Shadow
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  1. Welcome to the 30's! It's even better than the 20s. :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday!

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  5. Happy happy birthday!!

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  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy birthday!

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      Thank you Jae!!!  sorry I am just now seeing this.  Many thanks to you!!

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Have a great birthday!

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      Thankya Jae!

  12. Have a great birthday!

  13. I am online for a couple of hours, so if you want to do the interview, just ask :)

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    2. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      You just need to complete the answers to the leadership questions--place the answers in your application thread. :)

    3. Renzom


      I'll do it!

    4. Renzom
  14. Hey, here is my introduction!


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    2. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      We need a little bit to review everything to make sure things are completed. We're all on US time, and it's dinner here. How does tomorrow some time sound? I have church in the morning, but we can do something early afternoon so that I don't keep you up too late on a school night.

    3. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      Looks like you need to sign the Code of conduct thread and also answer the leadership questions. Check your welcome message for all the links to those threads.

    4. Renzom





      Sounds good! Just look out if i am online!

  15. Have an awesome birthday to go along with your awesomeness!

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      Thanks Boss Jae

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