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  1. my drawing 1.jpg

    Some of my early drawing exercises involved pairing up with other classmates and drawing parts of each other's faces like eyes noses mouths and ears from different angles and sometimes different positions or expressions. It was a great learning tool when trying to capture the essence or feel of an expressive face using only a single part of it for reference.
  2. Broke out the fancy markers tonight... Only problem is I found out my N2 and N4 greys are dead and need a refill... Blah...




    Guess it's time to buy some marker refills.... Everything costs money....

    1. Finoa


      Thats why I like digital art... pixels are cheap... Sadly after 15 years I need a new tablet and the only way to get programs is to pay for a monthly sub... x.x  So I can pay for WoW or get something newer then photoshop 8...  


      But atleast you can refill the markers.  The refill tubes do last a good while.

    2. Rall


      @Finoa Hehe I like digital art too, but I can't bring my laptop and drawing screen to work with me sadly... Most of these silly sketches are done while sitting in a tiny box outside the casino or at a late night lobby post. Which means I basically get to bring what little supplies I manage to carry :P


      As for my markers though... I love them, but they're a pain to lug around.. and yes, they can get a little on the pricey side.

    3. Finoa


      @Rall Which brand do you use?  The copics or the slightly cheaper brands that are still a thousand times better the crayola?

  3. At work sketches again. Tis time felt like drawing a young version of my swtor main Rall, hanging with her father before the Jedi took her away for training.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vil


      That's some adorable family fluffiness. :) 

    3. Finoa


      @Rall Why does being a psychopath make them any less cute? :P

    4. Vil


      HA! Good point @Finoa

  4. KorraSketch.jpg

    @Azzareth The one you are commenting on here was done with colored pencil, pen and marker This is the YouTube video I made of back when I drew it .
  5. RallU04.jpg

    @Vil The character Rall has always been a bit of a dramatic one. Hehe.
  6. KorraSketch.jpg

    @Sayuri Thanks! Most of these I have posted on the forums in various places. Some in the WoW forums and others in various threads and status posts. Just felt like putting a more comprehensive album up for anyone to just brows through instead of hunt old posts for images and drawings I've done.
  7. Rall's image graveyard

    A dumping ground for some screenshots and other images and sketches I feel like showing off but not enough to make a post or status update about ... where old unused drawings go to die.....
  8. scan0015.jpg

    From the album Rall's image graveyard

  9. IMG_20170219_062707.jpg

    From the album Rall's image graveyard

  10. KorraSketch.jpg

    From the album Rall's image graveyard

  11. IMG_20170211_060459.jpg

    From the album Rall's image graveyard

  12. IMG_20170720_044301.jpg

    From the album Rall's image graveyard

  13. IMG_20170716_050555.jpg

    From the album Rall's image graveyard

  14. RPgroup01.jpg

    From the album Rall's image graveyard

  15. IMG_20170309_080611.jpg

    From the album Rall's image graveyard

Congratulations to Alli, Ninja, and Ninjamonkey, on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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