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  1. Finally got my PC fully set up, the lights working, the hdds working and the second screen working too. Here is the finished workstation. I already posted the specs in a previous status.. so here is the picture.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rall


      Yesterday I bought the parts and assembled it. Yep! Though the iMac on the right and the drawing tablet screen on the right I already owned.

    3. Eskimo
    4. joshhamm


      Wow your going full techno :), i built my own computer as well. Looks cool.

  2. Isn't it so purdy? Setting up the new PC today. And of course I forgot to buy a copy of win 10.... So after I get the parts installed it's back to the store.




    Still gotta get the cooling system for the chip installed too. That may take some time as I have never set up a liquid system before. Will see how it goes.

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    2. Rall


      Can't wait to fire it up. It's all assembled. 


      Intel I7 8700, 32g of 3200 ram, 500g solid state hd, and 1tb hdd, gigabyte GeForce 1080ti graphics card, and a Corsair liquid cooling system as well as a Samsung 27 inch curved screen monitor. 


      Will tack up a photo when it's completely done, but for now... I need to get the operating system hehe.

    3. Rall


      And here is my desk. Nice and clean for now. 




      Still installing Windows and the drivers on my new PC... And don't have the second drawing screen set up yet.. but I am working on it.

    4. joshhamm


      Yeah looks really great man, Looks like you put a lot of work into it congratulations :) I can tell you from experience when you finaly finish you have that seance of accomplishment that you hardly ever have plus your hoping please god dont have any problems lol.

  3. Rall's Image Graveyard

    So this is the second try on a gallery to showcase some drawings sketches and crap. The last one bugged out and had to be deleted. Most of the characters drawn here are either inspired by my own in game characters or ones belonging to friends. And yeah... my SWTOR toon Rall is definitely a favorite of mine to draw If ya have any questions or comments as to what type of media/methods/level of insanity it took to make these lemme know... or even if you just want to point and laugh. The whole reason I make this stuff is for both my own enjoyment and maybe others too if they're interested
  4. Had some fun playing around with perspective. Kinda purposely blew it way out just for fun and to see what would happen.


    Here's my swtor toon Rall working on her repulsorfield gauntlets.



    1. Chapmonious


      cant wait to see what you do with my eso main! 

    2. Rall


      Worked on a couple concepts the other day but haven't quite found the right look. 


      I have a harder time drawing other people's characters mainly due to the fact that I don't intimately know them as well, personality wise and all that. Much easier to get the emotional stance of my own toons. 


      Of course I could just do a generic pose with a character's looks, but it isn't nearly as fun for me to draw.

    3. Chapmonious


      hmm i can message you with some personality traits of yana if youd like 

  5. I think playing SWTOR all the time makes my other games jealous.... At least Monika might be getting that way... @IcyFrost93 knows what I mean hehe.



  6. Just Monika.

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    2. Rall


      Actually I really want to do my own "drawings" of her.. but Haven't had time quite yet :P Will get to it eventually.

      Oh and you may know this already or may not.. the little red circle I am using at my "icon" with the square in the middle.. that's the image you get from changing the "monika.chr" file to "monika.png" by renaming it.

    3. IcyFrost93


      Haha when I saw your new profile picture I was like "...wait a second." XD

      And oh gosh yeah that would be an awesome drawing!

    4. Rall


      Looking forward to being home again. My plane lands on tuesday afternoon. Hopefully things will be getting back to normal then.

  7. Well... Hell...... I get great news yesterday about the interview.... And last night I get news now my grandmother is in the hospital back in Indiana and prolly won't last more than a day or two...


    This week really sucks....





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    2. Chapmonious


      Sorry about your grandmother rall :( 

    3. Elisel


      Sending you hugs @Rall  



    4. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      Aww, sorry to hear the bad news. I hope things go as well as they can for your family.

  8. Nearly full moon out tonight but otherwise quiet here at work... 




    1. Stargirl



    2. Rall


      @Stargirl hehe it is next door at the Linq hotel. It doesn't move that fast. Kinda more like the London Eye, if you've ever seen that. It's pods that you can walk around in so you can see the city from up high. Not really my thing though :P

    3. Elisel


      I'm with Stargirl; I would so ride that ferris wheel!!!  Course, if I did I would probably have to do an acrobatics check, roll a critical failure and the whole thing would topple :P  

  9. Wonder Woman

    Drawing directly from a reference is a good thing for sure. Even with original stuff I still quite often use photographs for pose, proportion, and muscle and bone structure. Very nicely done.
  10. Rallana.jpg

    Hehe yeah the demonhunters have some really cool tattoo options.
  11. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! :)

  13. 59cabbc991328_Batmanandcornholio.jpg.454599df881a69ab627c8db82cadccba.jpg


    Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday! Haddrian would send you a speeder but he keeps misplacing them...

  15. Happy birthday @Rall

Congratulations to Dymlos, RaVem, Juggz and Cycleguy, on being the Members of the months for December for their primary divisions!

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