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  1. Raids! Saturday Edition!

    Come join us for Raids! Where we are testing our mettle against some of the hardest group oriented combat of the game! As there are only 10 spots for a raid group we have sign-ups to decide attendance. @Jinn Galia posts sign-ups on Sunday evenings for both the Thursday and Saturday Raid groups! he posts them -->here<-- (CLICK IT x3) Start time: 10:00 pm EST please be around for invites around 9:45-10:00pm EST that way the group can start on time and everyone gets the most time to raid

    Need achievements? Want to have fun? Join for Jumping Puzzles! I run the Jumping Puzzle event so everyone can get their JP achievies and have fun ^^ I show the paths that are taken for the JP and if help is needed or wanted I have my mesmer at the ready to supply portals Start time: 6pm EST
  3. Dungeons

    Come join for Dungeons! Exploring the small group end game content! Learning Lore! Listening to story! Well... only if you actually want to ^^ but fun bosses and overall group content! Start time: 8pm EST
  4. Raids! The Thursday edition!

    Come join us for Raids! Where we are testing our mettle against some of the hardest group oriented combat of the game! As there are only 10 spots for a raid group we have sign-ups to decide attendance. @Jinn Galia posts sign-ups on Sunday evenings for both the Thursday and Saturday Raid groups! Sign-ups posted -->here<-- (click it, click it! ) Start time: 8:30pm EST please be around for invites around 8:15-8:30pm EST that way the group can start on time and everyone gets the most time to raid
  5. Guild Missions!!

    Come join us on Wednesdays at 8:30pm EST for Guild Missions! Good and easy loot, fun group content, and fun times with guildies! It will be a blast!
  6. Fracteronies!

    Come join for Fractals in another dimension!! The Fractals of the Mists!! Start time: 9pm EST with @BlixBlix We do T1 & T2 fractals together unless everyone interested on that day have the AR required for higher tiers and want to do those. If you need any agony infusions to increase your own AR, we do have a collection of (+1 agony infusions), that can be upgraded to higher ones, in the Guild bank, just let one of the Officers know and we can grab some for you ^^
  7. META Nite!!

    Come and join us for a full meta event run! Fun for all, and don't forget the loot! Requirements: Level 80 Character, Must have Heart of Thorns, or PoF We are doing a rotation that goes, HoT META --> PoF META (which = bounties) Here is a schedule for the times and rotations of the METAs, -->here<-- Bouties and Silverwastes META will start at 7pm EST, while HoT METAs will start at 8-8:30pm EST, depending on the meta. Come join us for fun things on Monday META Nites!!!
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  12. So, for META Night, so that we cover events from both expansions, and try to spread it out equally, I set up a rotation that goes, HoT -> PoF, and so forth. Spring forward Fall back SilverWastes - META (ehh) 7pm EST 7pm EST * Crystal Oasis - Bounties (PoF) 7pm EST 7pm EST * Verdant Brink - META (HoT) 7:30pm EST 8:30pm EST * Desert Highlands - Bounties (PoF) 7pm EST 7pm EST * Auric Basin - META (HoT) 7:30pm E$T 8:30pm EST * Elon Riverlands - Bounties (PoF) 7pm EST 7pm EST * Tangled Depths - META (HoT) 7pm EST 8pm EST * The Desolation -Bounties (PoF) 7pm EST 7pm EST * Dragonstand - META (HoT) 7:30pm EST 8:30pm EST * Domain of Vabbi - Bounties (PoF) 7pm EST 7pm EST
  13. Running the Silverwastes! This one is like a war-zone preparation type event. There are 3 phases, Pact Preparations, Breach, and Lanes Pact Preparations! If you have the numbers, separate into 4 groups, 2-3 per group should be fine. One squad for each base: Red Rock Bastion, Indigo Cavern, Blue Oasis, and Amber Sandfall. Defend these bases, they will have a defense event every few minutes, and the events last for increasing lengths of time. 2 minutes or so at the beginning and 4-5 minutes nearing the end. Between defense events send a few people from each outpost to escort Dolyaks to bring supplies to the other outposts. Leave at least one for each to call out Defense. There is a bar in the upper right corner of the screen that talks about the "Pact Preparations" When it reaches full then the "Breach" occurs. Breach! For the breach, a hole will appear in the center of each camp. Red --> A husk, melee dps is preferable for them. Indigo --> Two Terragriffs, Silver and Gold. This will be a circle tunnel system, that they will be running around. There are "Toxic Bubbles" or Gas, these bubbles you want to kill as a Terragriff approaches, it will stun them and start a burn phase for that one. After, the Terragriff will reverse it's path. Repeat this until they are dead. Blue --> Mordrem Thrasher, this one you'll want range, it will be teleporting around 4 chambers. Amber --> Mordrem Troll, this one melee or condi is best, he rotates around doing a conal knockbacks and then rings of bees. You have 5 minutes to kill all 5. If not then all bases are consumed by poison. But the event will still move onto the Lane Phase. Lanes! For the lanes, there is South, Mid, and North. Defend, the Siege engines and ammunitions from Mordrem. If you run out of ammunition then there will be a method to replenish it for each lane. There will be three bosses, in a perfect run, the three lanes will all beat their bosses. If not then the next lane will take over the boss that the previous lane failed on. South, always goes first. You want melee there. Ammunition: If you run out, shovel up ammunition labled on the ground. Boss: Mordrem Troll, 1 or 2 people need to be running into the orange bee circles and bring the bees back to a honey comb to get it to 100%. Other than that everyone else should DPS the boss, when the boss, runs to the front of the room, everyone needs to run behind the full honey comb, to be protected from the VineWrath's laser attack. The Troll will return to the center and repeat these mechanics until he's dead. Mid, Reflects are nice here. Ammunition: If you run out, pick up the ammunition marked by yellow parachutes off the ground. Boss: Mordrem Thrasher, be killing the pustules to make you take less damage and be reflecting the poison back. When the boss moves to the front of the room, follow him there and stand in the white conal AOE, or be stunned for around 20 seconds it feels like. Rinse and repeat until boss dead. North, Ranged preferred. Ammunition: If you run out, dodge into the trees labeled "coconut trees" so a coconut hits you in the head. This is the most finicky of the ammunition to re-acquire Boss: Mordrem Terragriff, Kill the white flowers so they open, then stand on them and DPS the boss. Make sure to be standing on one when the Terragriff goes to the front of the room, because he will turn the floor to "lava" and it hurts. Flowers will wither afterwards, rinse and repeat until he's dead. Yay! Those are all the bosses, The Silverwastes have been conquered, and the Pact can move into Verdant Brink.
  14. Verdant Brink! So for an event we start at the beginning of the Daytime events. As a group we do the event chain for one of the outposts. There is: Pale Reavers, Central Pact events, Nobles, Jaka Itzal, and Ordinance Corps. When nightfall hits, it is time to split the group to protect the 4 camps for the chosen area. There will be defense events, where you need to hold off the oncoming Mordrem, broken up by rest periods, where we grab "Pact Supplies" and bring them back to the camp. With the addition of mounts, you are able to mount while carrying pact supplies. When there is 20 minutes of night left, the 5 Night bosses spawn. For convenience, it is recommended to do the boss for your area first and then move onto the other night bosses for the remainder of night. Daytime All pictures included are from Dulfy, via her achievement guide, showing the paths for each outpost wonderfully. Or the Wiki for specific missions. Pale Reavers: [&BN4HAAA=] Jaka Itzel: [&BOAHAAA=] Central Pact Encampment [&BAgIAAA=] Nobles: Faren's Flyer Waypoint — [&BO8HAAA=] Ordnance Corps (Main WP -> [&BMsHAAA=] ) but use Treacherous Path WP since it's locked [&BBwIAAA=] Ok, those are all the Options for the Day events, remember, there is only about enough time for one outpost during the daytime, so pick one and run with it. Night Events! For the first 20 minutes of night there are defense events to keep the outpost that you took over during the day under your control. Each Outpost has 4 camps to defend, so split into 4 groups and stand guard at your camp. There will be a defense event Collection period Collect supplies while the camp is not under attack. During this period there are sometimes Salvage events, salvage as much supplies as possible from a wrecked helicopter and bring them to nearby camps. (Indicated by a Wrench on the map) The camps will be labeled A-D, A and B are generally the easiest to reach from the main WP, and A will be the main camp that you want to always be holding. C and D, will be a little more difficult to reach and tend to be further away. All camps in VB Pale Reaver Camps Jaka Itzel Camps Pact Encampment Nobles Ordnance Corps Ok, it's 20 minutes into the night!! Time for.... NIGHT BOSSES!!! Night Bosses have taken over the canopy, take the helicopters from the camps to reach the canopy. A helicopter will only be available at a camp if it was held up until that point! Wyvern Patriarch Wyvern Matriarch Tetrad Cotoni and Huetzi Axemaster Gwyllion
  15. So, recently we've been getting a good amount of interest in Raids, which is awesome! However, we only have one night, and a raid group can only have 10 people in it, this makes it a bit difficult for everyone to enjoy raids. We're thinking of perhaps starting another raid event on a separate day. I have created a poll -->Here<-- in the Lands of Tyria forums. If you are interested in this topic, please check it out and vote ^^

Congratulations to Dymlos, RaVem, Juggz and Cycleguy, on being the Members of the months for December for their primary divisions!

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