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Congratulations to AlliNinja, and Ninjamonkey, on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!! I am so sorry it is late.. You now have one Ced token, redeemable for any one (reasonable) favor. I won't go hiking to the North Pole with you or anything like that. Hope you had a great day! :) 

    1. Chapmonious


      *gasp* I never got a ced token.... 

    2. Apcar


      Yeah Ced didn't give me a token!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! :D 

    1. Razziie


      Thank you! :)

  3. You know finals are here when you look for any nook where you can take a 15 minute nap...

    1. Lazyhaze22


      Or when you sign up for a trial and dont make it :-P School first yo


    2. Cedany Silverstream

      Cedany Silverstream

      I did not sign up :P I was an alternate, silly. 

      Ohh.. Damn. You're right. My bad!

  4. Happy birthday, Lager!!

  5. Happy birthday, Telana!! 

    1. Telana


      Thank you Ced! 

  6. Happy Birthday, old man!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day :) 

    1. Thaljien


      Thank you soooo much!!

  8. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! It truly means a lot. Thanks for being such an awesome, giant, crazy family! :) 

  9. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, Cedany!! Hope your day is filled with fun and cake!


  10. Happy Birthday Ced! 21 years old! You know what that means.... :D


    1. Sayuri


      Go to bed at a respectable hour after brushing your teeth??? :D 

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Couldn't keep a straight face for that one!

      Happy Birthday Cedany!!!! Be safe with any and all the crazy you get into for your birthday and you BETTER be getting into some crazy! :-*

    2. Cedany Silverstream

      Cedany Silverstream

      Thanks guys! :P Shant, you owe me some special Brazilian drink when you get to the US. 

Congratulations to Alli, Ninja, and Ninjamonkey, on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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