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  1. Seeker droid's end!

    This :
  2. The Shroud going DOWN!

    Doing the last Macrobinoc mission! Friday!
  3. Prog

    Random pics of the Prog team
  4. Chillin on fleet...

    Poje bored, chillin on fleet.
  5. Community Meeting


    Just a pic of TS at start of this : MANY members!
  6. LOCKOUT Group Finder OPS

    YAVIN 4 Conquest special event! Simple : every day i will run the Group finder OPS to get a last boss lockout, either by guild run or PUG, and then we will make guild OPS grp to kill the last boss over and over again to get maximum Conquest points! 48000 conquest points per OPS run minimum! Dont forget that those are SM OPS and a toon of lvl 50+ can participate! And as a bonus, everytime we will kill the last boss, we will get a CXP pack + 230 garantied drops! No need to sign up for this event, i @Pojewill simply take players who are available at the time im online. Thx in advance for your help!
  7. Poje's SILVER giveaway!


  8. Poje's SILVER giveaway!

    Hi guys! On the 23rd of December @ 19h00 I will do a giveaway on the Guildship for ALL members of RoH! It is very simple : You get on the guildship on time and on TS, just to listen at least and we will /roll. The player with the highest roll will choose an item from the list and then the second highest will choose, ect... We'll do this until I have no more items! (while having fun and trowin snowballz in the face of people!) Here are the items I will giveaway and they are ALL SILVER Cartel market items : 1- Elegant dress armor set 1- Underwater adventurer armor set 1- Ceremonial armor set 1- Battleworn Triumvirate armor set 1- Canderous Ordo's armor set 1- Fallen defender armor set 1- Unburdened Champion armor set 1- Sogan Sur's armor set 1- Savage hunter armor set 15 - Fuchsia crystals of all types 2- Moonlight Vrake mount 1- Aratech Verdant speeder 1- Emberscale Dewback mount 1- Irakie Renegade speeder 4- Desler DA-5 speeder 1- Knave's quick handled blaster rifle 1- Interstellar Regulator's blaster rifle Dorn 1- Frontier Hunter sniper rifle 1- Plundered TC-16 spewie assault cannon 1- Artful Trickster's heavy blaster 1- Mind trap regen toy 2- C3-KR Probe pet 2- Glittering Varactyl pet EDITED TO ADD : 1- Regal Tauntaun 2- Buccaneer Titles VOILA! All of those items will be given on that night. Don't it feel like Christmas! For all those interested, I suggest you check in advance your collection to know if you have already some of the items! Cyall on the 23rd!
  9. Remnants of Hope: Rules and Regulations

    /sign Poje of Ebon Hawk.

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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