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  1. Elder Scrolls Online

  2. Screenshot_20170822_001350.png

    From the album Elder Scrolls Online

  3. Khaj-si the Burned

    From the album Elder Scrolls Online

    My dk tank, for his RP backstory I should finish.
  4. [ESO] Vet DSA


    It will be easier to survive when the mechanics are better known and kill priorities are right.
  5. [ESO] Vet DSA


    20k DPS and 17k HP is probably the absolute minimum.
  6. [ESO] vet DSA

    Hey, let's run vet DSA for Master weapons. I'll tank, and have tanked it before. @Beetle, @Dom, and whomever else. @TinMan4243 for heals? Let me know if this time doesn't work. Come prepared with knowledge: http://www.latenighteso.com/the-guide-to-veteran-dragonstar-arena/
  7. [ESO] IC run!

    Let's go farm in Imperial City during the event.
  8. [ESO] Imperial City bonus event

    PVP Farmathan for Telvar and Key Fragment bonus in Imperial City, Imperial City Prison, and White Gold tower. https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/26175?Liberate-Cyrodiil-During-the-Imperial-City-Anniversary-Event-and-Earn-Bonus-Rewards!
  9. Happy Name Day!

    1. Dom


      Thanks Bean!


      Actually, today in Quebec is also the "Noël des campeurs" (i.e. Campers' Christmas) since it's exactly 6 months after Christmas...some crazy peeps are doing this:


      Cannot be more kitsch than that!!!!



      This is so :poo:!

    2. senorblackbean


      ...Now I want to buy a caravan, move to Canada, and start a Camper's Halloween...

    3. Dom


      Trick or treat!


  10. [ESO] Midyear PVP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Come join us for the PVP EVENT!!!!!!
  11. [ESO] Officer meeting

    Hello! This is a simple calendar reminder for the ESO officers to be on Teamspeak for a semi-weekly status update. @Apcar @MaliciousWyvern @Chapmonious @Sunny Sadist @Targonious If you have any particular topic you want officers to discuss, please PM the Division Commander, @senorblackbean. This meeting is closed-door, and may be more open in the future for curious listeners.
  12. Holy cr.... ;)


    After all these times where you were writing "Hello caffeinated peeps", etc.

    I JUST realized that "senorblackbean" is a reference to COFFEE!!!! All these times I was thinking "senor + black bean, oh sounds like Mexican food!"


    I now feel like a 4-year old who just finished his 10-piece puzzle! 


    It took some time but the Dwemer gears in my brain finally went into motion!!! :D 

    (Battery not included)


    So I guess you're not the proud owner of:


  13. PVP Fishing!

    From the album Elder Scrolls Online

    From left to right: @Sleepbringer (AD), @ErinnGoBragh (AD), @senorblackbean (DC), @Ninjamonkey (DC), @Anan (EP), @Sunny Sadist (EP), @katinahat (EP), @Th3BFG (EP), @Eronin (EP)
  14. [ESO] U/M/F Guild dailies

    Undaunted, Mages, Fighters Guild Dailies!

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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