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  1. Happy birthday a song for you! xD



  2. Oh boy happy birthday, one age closer to being an old man. 

  3. My dear birthday partner!


    Have a happy super birthday, I hope The Force accompanies you always in this new year of life :happy:


    Here is your birthday cake:

    Resultado de imagen para star wars pastel

    1. Neo


      Thanks, birthday partner @Dymlos!


      Why isn't @Phoenix's birthday on December 15th? That would just help with our 2/3 fraction for birthday's in the PvE Department... :P



    2. Phoenix


      I'm sorry that I wasn't born in December and was born in August lol.


      Happy birthday Neo

  4. Wishing you a very happy birthday today @Neo!!

  5. Happy Birthday @Neo hope you have a great day filled with cake, presents and fun!


    From your friend and brother


    1. Neo


      Thanks, brother! :D 



  6. Happy birthday @Neo!!! :banana_smiley_28:


    1. Neo


      Thanks, @Merliah:IMG_3736:



  7. Hey-hey-hey, or, something, idk.  
    Happy Birthday, best friend! ^-^

    1. Neo


      I expected "Happy Birfday!" 


      Thanks, best friend! :D 




    Nice Job Art. ~Neo
  9. Yay Happy Birthday, @Dymlos! :D 



    1. Dymlos


      Thank you my birthday partner!!!!


      I hope you have a wonderful birthday as well :laugh:

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Neo




    1. Neo


      Thanks Eli! :D 



  11. Happy birthday @Neo

    1. Neo


      Thanks Azzareth! :D 



  12. Happy Birthday, @Tyrtaeus. Our birthdays are rather close, my Elder Council member. :P 



    1. Tyrtaeus


      Thanks Neo! I never realized lol

  13. Zaifos

    So @Vil is under arrest? I like it. Officers keep him in there until he confesses and returns my BST. ~Neo
  14. My Ui in swtor. Judge me as you will

    I'm so gonna judge just because I wasn't tagged for this, @Morvio. @Merliah and @Artemiaseus ~Neo
  15. Story Mode Operations (SMOPs)

    Hey everyone, this is the weekly calendar event for our Story Mode Operation Run (SMOPs) in the PvE Department! This is an event in SWTOR that requires subscription to access. Every week, SMOPs will be doing a different operation, every time and also the raid lead will alternate between current SMOPs Coordinators (Neo / Dymlos). SMOPs is the easiest raid-content and most popular option, we have to offer at the moment in the PvE Department so if you're interested, please consider attending! Also, SMOPs drops 236 unassembles which is a great way to gear up for VMOPs/HotY Butts (Veteran Mode Operations). This event starts at 7:30 PM EST and will end in a 3 hour time-limit, so at 10:30 PM EST. Also, this event will repeat, every week on a Saturday until February 10, 2018 and then it will be reuploaded (every other month) by the SMOPs Coordinator. See you all there, ~Neo

Congratulations to Dymlos, RaVem, Juggz and Cycleguy, on being the Members of the months for December for their primary divisions!

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