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  1. [SWTOR] StarfoxWolf's Application

    Greetings @StarfoxWolf, welcome to the RoH forums! As has been mentioned, your trial application is being processed, please feel free to poke myself or any of the recruiting staff if you have any questions or concerns. I see you prefer healers and tanks, which are your favorites? Best of luck on your application, we're glad to have you with us. Hope to see you in game soon!
  2. [SWTOR] Estella's Application

    Scary isn't what we're going for, it's true but some elaboration was requested, so I'm passing it along. @Estella, if you could please reply here, or to the PM I sent yesterday, we can get your process back on the rails.
  3. [SWTOR] Estella's Application

    Hi there @Estella, welcome to the RoH forums! Your trial application is being processed, you should hear back within 24-48 hours.If you have any questions regarding recruiting, I am at your disposal, or alternately you may contact my assistants @Droghan, @aedilanigiro, @Alli or @Elisel. Regarding question #4, could you please elaborate on what maturity means to you personally? If someone was unpleasant or rude to you in a pick up group while you were wearing our tag, how would you respond? I'm a little concerned with your statement here that you can be a jerk (I'm assuming it says)? We do our best to keep people in our community that are friendly and accepting, and if you're referring to yourself as a jerk, that doesn't bode well for fitting in here. Were you just using the term as a joke? I see you play my main class, Sentinel. What spec do you prefer? And since you've expressed interest in that department, @Vil is our RP officer. Feel free to ask him any questions about our programs that you might have. Best of luck on your application, I hope to see you in game soon!
  4. Happy birthday ViV! I hope it was an awesome one <3

    1. ViVshotfirst


      It was wonderful! Thank you very much!

  5. Happy birthday ma'am! I hope it's full of fun and family (and cake, can't forget the cake)! :D

    1. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      We're still working on the Halloween candy! :D



  6. Happy birthday!! <3

    1. Tyrlo


      Thanks Jix! <3

  7. Happy birthday @Vil! <3

  8. Happy birthday :D

  9. Happy happy birthday @Elisel!!! 🎂🎂🎂 I hope it's an awesome one full of all the things you like! <3

    1. Elisel


      Thank you!!

    2. Mesehetu


      Happy Bday Elisel, I hope you will have a great and happy day ! 

  10. Happy birthday! :)

    1. RedhandChaos


      Thank you very much!




  11. Happy birthday! May it be filled with cake and epicness :D

    1. Rall


      No cake. No epicness. Only a couple beers, some leftover pizza and a whole day to sit around and be lazy.

  12. Happy belated! I hope you had an awesome day! :D

  13. Happy belated Vyrigan! <3 I totally missed the notice yesterday >_< I hope you had an awesome day!

  14. Happy birthday! 🎈🎂🎈🎂🎈

  15. @Ryback Happy birthday!! :D

Congratulations to Dymlos, RaVem, Juggz and Cycleguy, on being the Members of the months for December for their primary divisions!

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