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      o.o that emoji. thank you lol

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    Joined the WvW gang as a hanger-on and general ne'er-do-well yesterday (27-March) and had a blast, thanks to General Ishty and his intrepid band. I'd never done WvW or PVP in GW2 before, so it was a big change -- lots of new stuff to learn. The General only ran us off a few cliffs and they were short ones, so no one splat'ed. It was a total blast! I'd recommend WvW to anyone who wants to get their feet wet with PvP -- all you need is a WvW build and decent gear. I used the "Marauder Herald" build for my Revenant from the TC Comprehensive Militia Build Guide and it seemed to work well. Still getting the hang of support though, all the action is distracting. Get approved on the TC TeamSpeak server by following the process here. Thanks again to the professional leadership from General Ishty and his team of "Ishty's Raiders". Come join us for WvW action and defend your server! Besides, you need those vegetables!!! Some great WvW guides here. Note: you need to verify your account on both the TC forums as well as the TC TeamSpeak server (to prevent spies!!). I had to use fresh API keys with permissions limited to only those necessary. Once you're on the map, ask Ishty to add you to the squad. Best Regards, Meph
  3. /sign GW2: Mephistophles of Wi, Kai Fu Lee, Xializ, Cilin Mac Thomais, Misapprehension, Cian Dagda, Cu Rui Mac Daire

Congratulations to , Eronin, and stingmaster on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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