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  1. Hello @Blue Stocking! You basically listed our present ( and one past ;( ) divisions in the games you play, I'm excited to have you in the community! Best of luck to the process, I'm sure there's a lot to talk about.. also.. RuneScape you say? What's your fishing level?
  2. Xenu on a good day: 


    1. HighOverlordXenu


      All my days are good, until the pathetic pair of pitiful pinheads I call minions screw up my plans to rule Eternia!

  3. Go Fish!

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    Thursdays & Sundays @ 7 PM EST. RP event - gathering, talking, chumming around in stormwind.
  5. until

Congratulations to , Eronin, and stingmaster on being the Members of the months for their primary divisions!

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