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  1. [ESO] Vet DSA


    We still on for 6 pm?
  2. [ESO] Vet DSA


    My dummy parse is 23k, but my HP is only a bit over 16k (but over 17k with the ebon buff) Should I switch out my monster helm for something that has max health? The really mechanics heavy fights I get less DPS off though sometimes. Guess with practice I'll be able to avoid better while dealing damage.
  3. [ESO] Vet DSA


    I can help farm, I'd like to do that too since I have an infused slimecraw helm.
  4. [ESO] vet DSA


    Sure I'll give it a shot, haven't done normal though. I'll read up on the guide.
  5. Remnants of Hope: Rules and Regulations

    /sign - Beetle

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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