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  1. Batooay to ko ta banana??!


  2. Eyeless Monday 7ish 4/6

    I need the world boss things (x4) too. Can we do that after?
  3. Apparently staking shield isn't so bad. It's what I feel as a Vanguard tank is best. http://dulfy.net/2014/12/27/swtor-3-0-shield-specialist-vanguard-tanking-guide-by-milas/

    1. Jaan'weyn


      We were talking about this the other day. I think the idea is that it's better for new content where you don't know the mechanics well, like how that guide talks about world firsts, but once you're familiar with the content more balanced mitigation is still better overall.

  4. Anyone have the NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 AC2350 and what are your thoughts?

  5. 16 level 55s one of every advanced class :)

    1. Aravail


      That's awesome, congrats!

  6. Woke up took my medication, forgot to eat with it, spent next hour puking and dry heaving. Great start to the day.

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    2. Coombs


      Ughh, that sucks man. Feel better!

    3. Emma


      ergh, I've been there. *Hugs*

    4. Rykyn


      Now the freaking power is out. I'm going back to sleep and trying this day over.

  7. I'm back from my LOA and will slowly be back on more.

  8. R.I.P. my sweet little snuggle buddy Goober Sweeney :'(

Congratulations to Neo, Beetle, and Jinn Galia, on being the Members of the months for October for their primary divisions!

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