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  1. From the album FFXIV

    Screenshot from messing with the in game screenshot camera thing...
  2. From the album WoW

    Quickly drawn, So many pets were given to me so far AND I will say the Spider i got was my favorite. ..... I like spiders in games i can actually look at them. and i find them cool irl but they freak me out when they move :T
  3. From the album Guild Wars 2

  4. From the album WoW

  5. From the album FFXIV

    Carbuncles are back!
  6. From the album FFXIV

  7. From the album FFXIV

  8. From the album FFXIV

  9. From the album FFXIV

    Got my Chocobo's color to white. Hes so pretty now
  10. From the album Other

    ESO character as a werewolf.
  11. From the album Other

    A sketch of my ESO character
  12. From the album FFXIV

    Was able to get gold rank on Odin today for the first time. Got Zantetsuken; I was going to get the barding but i now have the leviathan barding and that one looks cooler. So decided on the sword this time. And next time the barding.
  13. From the album FFXIV

    Sylph's awesomeness is to be FEARED >83

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