Remnants of Hope

Our Community


Large Active Community

  • Over 550 members and growing everyday!
  • International
  • Many different play-styles represented
  • From Ages 15 – 75!





  • Four supported MMO’s
  • Switching between games has never been easier in a community
  • Welcoming atmosphere no matter the division
  • Many members multi-play




Dedicated Leadership

  • Community Leadership (High Elder and Elder Council)
  • Divisional Leadership (Division Commanders)
  • Game Aspect Leadership (Department Officers)






Active Forumscommunityforum

  •  Sections for Divisions and the Shared Community
  •  Numerous posts every day
  •  Event Calendars for the entire community and individual divisions
  •  Shoutbox for quick chatting with other community members





gallery_1129_306_662361No Discrimination

  • All nationalities and backgrounds welcome
  • Play the way you want!
  • Casual AND Hardcore
  • LGBT and family friendly (PG-13 in open chat)





gallery_540_236_282277Social Atmosphere

  • Participate in in-game guild events, or just join us in Teamspeak 3 or guild chat!
  • Family in and out of game
  • Social Coordinator to lead Social events outside of the games we play
  • Karaoke, Pictionary, Movie Nights, Community Meetings and more!