Remnants of Hope

SWTOR (Ebon Hawk, primarily Republic)


Active Community

  • 75+ members and growing everyday!
  • International
  • Many different play-styles represented
  • From 16 – 60!
  • 7pm EST – 12am EST for most events, but players on during all parts of the day!



leadersrohDedicated Leadership

  • The SWTOR Division is lead by an elected Division Commander who oversees and encourages participation in all areas of interest in the game.
  • We have Guild Officers and Assistants organizing activities for our members in all areas of gameplay, including Operations, PvP Nights, Guild Conquests, Roleplay Storylines, and more!


Social Atmosphere

  • Choose how you want to play!
  • Participate in guild events, or level alone and join us in guild chat & TS (voice chat)
  • Welcome to all ages, levels and factions




Player vs. Environment (PvE)

  • PvE Officer & Assistants to co-ordinate operations and provide class assistance
  • Experienced Operation Leaders
  • Operation Scheduling & Progression
  • All Guild Members invited to participate, regardless of gear or experience
  • Department scheduled PvE starting around 8-9 EST throughout the week
  • Progression teams working on highlighted hardmodes to gear for Nightmare mode



Player vs. Player (PvP)

  • Dedicated PvP nights lead by the PvP team
  • All members welcome to join PvP groups
  • Experienced PvPers available to give advice





Roleplay (RP)

  • Guild-wide respect for roleplaying
  • Open forum roleplay
  • Guild-guided plots for forum roleplay
  • Encouragement of public & private RP





  • Crafting Officer to manage Guild Bank, Conquests and our Flagship
  • Large & loaded Guild Bank with items, gear and funds
  • ‘Prize Tab’ in vault for any guild member who wants to host a contest or event
  • Flagship with full crafting amenities for easy use by all members


Imperial Faction Alt Guild

  • Sister Guild: Vestige of Despair (Ebon Hawk)
  • A lot quieter than our Republic side, and has no dedicated leadership
  • Same people as our Republic side – if you join us, you are welcome to bring your alts into our Imperial guild
  • A focus on solo levelling and occasional storymode raiding


Active Forums

  • Extremely active forums with members posting in discussions at all hours of the day.
  • Sub-forums dedicated to strategy and theorycrafting game or class mechanics.
  • Sub-forum boards for casual discussions including forum games and unrelated topics like books, movies and television shows, and other games that our members like to play.

About Our Guild on the Ebon Hawk Server

Remnants of Hope was founded on June 7, 2009, and have remain dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic ever since. We have been able to maintain a positive image and reputation that has established itself over the course of our existence. While we partake in all three aspects PVP, RP, and PVE  our main and primary focus is, and always will be, the community itself. Our philosophy is if the community is healthy, then everything else will fall into place.

Mission & Goals

What we stand for is to serve as a place where one can escape from their daily struggles and stress of life, to simply enjoy their time that they have to spare. Our motivation is to simply ensure that everyone has the best experience that we can offer! As one of our member’s favorite phrases, “Light from the few can be a beacon to many,” we hope to empower and prove inspiration to many of the guilds within the SWTOR community. For us to endure what we’ve been tossed and continue to go strong, we only hope that all of the guilds thrive! Though we may serve as an example, certainly we strive to become better and stronger with each passing day! What do we stand for? Hopefully as a beacon of inspiration to any who join or any who compete, we all have one common goal among us and that is a pleasant gaming experience!


Remnants of Hope wants to give you the opportunity to build your own playstyle. This means we offer PvE, PvP and RP. The great thing is you can literally play the way you want! Don’t care for PvE but love PvP? Go for it! Not so hot for either PvE or PvP but want to really immerse yourself in your character through roleplay? Not a problem. Whether or not you’re casual, semi-hardcore or hardcore, we’re right there with you. We have dedicated officers for each focus, committed to giving you what you’re looking for. We take PvP very seriously, and continue to progress in operations and new content both competitively, and casually as a community.

No Limitations

We don’t plan on limiting ourselves to one thing that the game has to offer, but all fields that we can conquer as an ever-growing community. Our focus is far from linear like some guilds might be, and we will make the best of everything we’re given! Some will learn much more quickly than others, why not have our members’ help you reach full potential and maximize your enjoyment of the game? So, we have three primary focuses, 1) Community, 2) All aspects of the game, and 3) Your experience within the game!

Guild Activities in SWTOR

We hold in game events such as PvE operations, group PvP queing, and social events. Outside of game, we hold cross-guild events to include members of our larger community in activities such as Pictionary, karaoke, and casual gaming nights for activities like League of Legends, Civilization 5, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more! We also have forums that constantly feature writing contests, caption-the-picture contests, and an unbound role-play section where anyone can start closed or open role-plays set in any universe . Additionally we have a variety of forum games such as “Twist My Wish,” “Answer a Question with a Question,” “Movie Linking,” and many more!