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    10 June 2020 12:00 AM      01:30 AM

    This event repeats every week on Wednesday forever

    Come join us on Wednesdays at 8:30pm Eastern for Guild Missions! 
    Good and easy loot, fun group content, and fun times with guildies! It will be a blast! 
    Checkout our complete guild missions guide, here!

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    06 November 2019 02:00 AM      05:00 AM

    Unless otherwise instructed by @Katalaw we will be grinding the new operation,  Dxun in Story Mode, on the planet Onderon.
    * If you have not already - you can pick up the onetime Story Mission after completing the planetary story-line, from astromech R4-G2, in the courtyard of Iziz.
    * Please remember to come equipped with stims, adrenals & med-packs.
    Please RVSP your status of availability.
    Strike Team Alpha
    Tank 1: @Katalaw
    Tank 2: @MO-0519
    Healer 1: @Sayuri
    Healer 2: @Rama
    rDPS 1: @Aravail
    rDPS 2: @Orig Wrangler
    mDPS 1: @Vorn
    mDPS 2: @Aedi Lanigiro
    Frequent Friends
    @Madhatter5510 (prefers to heal)
    @Slyfoxmartin (prefers to heal)

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    06 November 2019 03:00 PM      05:00 PM

    This event repeats every week on Wednesday until 12/25/19

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