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    30 November 2020 12:00 AM      02:00 AM

    PvE Operation Event:  DF
    Date: Sunday 11/29/20
    Operation Start Time (Start Time = First Pull): 7:00 PM EST
    Operation End Time: 9:00 PM EST
    You must arrive at least 15 minutes before start time, else you will be replaced.
    Requirements: This will be run like progression. 12.5k heals, 14k dps on 3.25M. Dummy with modifier, for Tanks, a clear tanking in story mode.
    Item level (loot rating): 290
    StarParse is required unless you have a specified reasoning for why you cannot.
    Discord will be required, we will be in our own operation channel.
     Let's just relax and have fun.
    THIS IS A SET GROUP PRIORITY GOES TO THOSE INVITED. Those not listed may still sign up. But priority will go to the set group.
    Operation Group Sign-Up List:
    Raid Lead: Jed I can tank or dps 
    Main-Tank: @Jed
    Off-Tank: @Kialya
    Healer: @Merliah
    Healer: @Slyfoxmartin
    DPS: @Vorn
    DPS: @Aedi Lanigiro
    DPS: @Ocean
    DPS: @brnji

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    28 June 2021 12:00 AM

    This event began 04/02/19 and repeats every week on Monday forever

    Last Chance Mythic+
    Come join us as we push Mythic+ keys as far as we can before the weekly reset! 

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    28 June 2021 12:30 AM      02:00 AM

    This event began 06/05/19 and repeats every week on Monday forever

    Fractal Night
    For our weekly Fractal Nights, we gather a party or two to go through daily Fractals and try our hand at as high a Fractal level as we can!  No experience required, we train!

    Event details

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    30 November 2020 02:00 AM      04:00 AM

    We're back to Dailies this week! These are a great way to earn credits, run with people, and experience parts of the game you may not have done or forgot about. 😉  The specific ones that we do will depend on the group!  Make sure you read all the details before signing up.
    Event details:
    Sunday @9- 11pm ET  This weeks event will be Dailies  You must have an Imperial Character Minimum level requirement is 50 StarParse is not required, but encouraged  Don't forget your stims! As well as medpacks and whatever else you need Discord is Required, we'll be in our own channel   
    To sign up, RSVP to the calendar and post in the comments what role(s) you can bring! 
    See you all Sunday!
    Leaders: @Frarry and @Merliah
    Group 1:
    I: @Frarry  dps/heal, level 75
    II: @Getius dps, level 75
    III: @hunterhead any role, level 75
    Group 2:
    I: @Merliah any role, level 75
    If we get more people, we can always add more groups! ✨
    Planetary Dailies @9pm ET

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    Tapestry of Destiny (Calendar) 2 Comments

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    28 June 2021 02:00 AM      04:00 AM

    This event began 02/11/20 and repeats every week on Monday forever

    Come spam some dungeons! Join the "Lobby" (usually by invite code in the in-game guild chat) and get partnered up with friends as you go out to earn levels, collect gear and generally just slay! 
    Zero requirements to join in outside of being Level 10! 

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2 birthdays today

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