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    04 September 2020 12:00 AM      02:00 AM

    This event repeats every 2 weeks on Friday forever

    All Aboard the HP Train!
    Come join us as we tour Heart of Thorns and/or Path of Fire for +10 Hero Points! Do your characters need the extra HPs for that Elite Specialization you need? You've found the right event.

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    04 September 2020 12:00 AM      03:30 AM

    This event repeats every week on Friday forever

    Ranked Season 13 is here!
    Ranked is more competitive than unranked PvP. RoH will try to run a ranked team for this.
    This is a higher level of competition, so a full 6 piece set that is fully augmented with at least 276  augments is highly recommended.
    Also is a good idea to know your class extremely well (know your DCDs ect.)
    This event repeats until Season 13 of ranked ends
    Event starts at 8pm and goes until 11:30pm..

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    04 September 2020 01:00 AM      03:00 AM

    Going into harder stuff we'll be heading to Rishi!  🏴‍☠️ Please make sure you read the details below before signing up.
    Event Requirements:
    You must have a level 75 Imperial Character. 
    Item rating (on your character sheet) minimum is 300. StarParse is required. Dps, heal, and tanking requirements are the same as vmops, see below  
    Discord is required, we'll be in our own operations channel  
    Event Details:
    Thursday @ 9-11 PM ET  This weeks operation will be VM Rav! To sign up RSVP and post what role(s) you can fill (also please specify melee or ranged if dps) below! Note that RSVPing and commenting is required. If you comment, you must also RSVP. If you RSVP, but don't comment, I will take that to mean that you can fill any role and don't have a preference. This is something that everyone must do in order to get a spot. You have been warned   
    See you all Thursday!
    Raid Leaders: @Merliah and @Madhatter5510
    Tank: @Merliah
    Tank: @Aedi Lanigiro
    Heals: @Madhatter5510
    Dps: @hunterhead (mdps)
    Dps: @Owyn (rdps)
    Dps: @Dalivandrian (rdps)
    VM Ravagers @9pm ET

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    Tapestry of Destiny (Calendar) 8 Comments

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    04 September 2020 01:00 AM      03:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Friday forever

    Triple D (Dungeons, Dolmens and Delves)
    brought to you by the Amazingly Stupendous Crafting Department!

    The crafting department is hosting the Triple D Friday nights from 8 PM to 10 PM EST.  We will be tackling a random zone each week running around to complete all the Dungeons, Dolmens and Delves we can find.  If this zone happens to be in Elsweyr then Dragons are also on the menu and then the event magically transforms into Quadruple D.  The goal is to gain some experience, gain some gear and to enjoy each others company.
    Discord is highly encouraged for all of our social events. I want to emphasize that we go at a relaxed pace to primarily enjoy each other’s company and to reduce stress as much as possible.  Everyone has stress in life, and so I've build this event to try to reduce it.  This is what the core of social hour is all about.  Oh and of course I like to hand out prizes so that could be on the menu as well.
    Now as an added benefit, any gear obtained while we're chaotically romping around the landscape, can be upgraded for free.  We will upgrade armour and weapons to purple and any jewellery to blue.  At the end of the event, please send the gear to @Darnavian and I'll upgrade it for you. This gear doesn't have to be level 50 CP160... any level at all as long as you'll equip and use it.

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    04 September 2020 03:00 AM      04:59 AM

    This event repeats every week on Friday forever

    Level 50 CP300 
    Two full sets of gear, epic quality, proper enchants
    Participating in this tier means you have by now outfitted yourself with some of the standard sets expected of your class and role, which will be outlined in the description below. Optimal traits are preferred but the Trials introduced in this tier are intermediate in difficulty so we need not stress too much over them. 

    Included Trials
    Normal Maw of Lorkhaj (Thieves Guild DLC)
    Normal Asylum Sanctorium +1-2 (Clockwork City CLC)
    Normal Cloudrest +1-3 (Summerset Chapter) 
    Normal Halls of Fabrication (Morrowind Chapter) 
    Normal Sunspire (Elsweyr Chapter)
    Veteran Aetherian Archives
    Veteran Sanctum Ophidia
    Veteran Hel Ra Citadel
    This is a big step up from Tier 1 and leads to much harder fights , particularly fights like Cloudrest +3, Asylum Sanctorium +2 and Veteran Sanctum Ophidia where the amount of mechanics that need to be responded to can’t be counted one one hand. In this tier it’s important that you know your character’s rotation if you’re DPS and if you’re a support class, where your skills are on your bar and what they do. By now, those things should be muscle memory as in this tier you won’t be standing still so much. The CP300 requirement may seem like overkill for something like Normal Maw of Lorkhaj, Sunspire and the base versions of Cloudrest and Asylum but this is by design. The point is that members performing in this tier are focusing on their situational awareness. The CP300 requirement ensures that participants have earned the Red CP necessary to sustain and survive in this tier which means they can focus more on the points of positioning and raid synergy. 
    The higher level requirement provides some latitude in cases where mistakes are made as attendees practice these important skills. 

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    04 September 2020 03:30 AM      05:30 AM

    This event repeats every week on Friday forever

    This is the day where we commanders gather to explore the universe, combat pirates, Expand our powers grip, or whatever else we want.  It's just about having fun and making money.

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    04 September 2020 04:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Friday forever

    Event we run with our allies MOAR. Please meet 15 minutes early in Lions arch to get into group and get information on what borderland we are fighting on.

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    04 September 2020 06:00 PM      08:00 PM

    This week, I propose to go hunting some world bosses.
    The goal is to do the Weekly: Priority Targets, which consist of killing 3 of the following heroic world bosses:
    Trapjaw (Tatooine)
    R4-GL (Nar Shadaa)
    Ulgo Siegebreaker (Alderaan)
    Rogue Cartel Warbot (Quesh)
    Primal Destroyer(Belsavis)
    Nihtmare Pilgrim(Voss)
    Dreadtooth(Secion X)
    To target those tougher enemies, we will need tanks, healers and a mix of range and melee dps. Let me know in the comments below what type of toon you will bring (Tank, healer, mdps or rdps). Please take a look at what the others are bringing to try and balance the team. We need 2-3 tanks, 2-3 healers and a lot of  dps to burn the bosses.
    I will pick the bosses depending of the participants (some of them can be soloed and others need a full 16-24 people team). Depending on the number of participants, I might go outside of the list above.
    Good to know:
    Killing the heroic world bosses are achievements (that can be found under the different planets in the legacy panel). The weekly can be picked up from the operation terminals. There is also a quest that can be picked up from a terminal near the speeder vendor on the fleet (if I remember correctly) to get mounts when you kill operation bosses and heroic world bosses.
    The lineup (for now) :
    Tank: @Yiss
    Healers: @Rykyn @hunterhead
    mdps: @wavyblue @Ddorni @Eskimo
    rdps: @Roedynn
    dps: Dochabi

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    04 September 2020 10:00 PM      11:30 PM

    TIME: Friday, 9/4/2020 6:00-8:00pm EDT, Republic Side
    The operation start time is the time of "first pull" so please aim to form group 15 minutes ahead of time. 
    This Friday story mode operation is open to everyone regardless of OP experience!
    (This includes trial members.) Level 70+
    We do SM (Story mode) Ops (Operations) to learn and have fun.
    Bonus for Vet players: 16 man SMOPS is usually a new achievement.
    We will be in Discord voice chat. This is required.
    (You don't need to talk if you don't want to.)
    16 man!
    Tank: @Yiss 
    Tank: @Cora Nilu
    Heals: @MikeyMoe
    Heals: @Pateco
    mDPS: @wavyblue
    mDPS: @Dochabi
    rDPS: @Roedynn
    DPS: @CamoCamper
    Heals: @Darth Gumby
    Heals: @hunterhead
    DPS: @Skywalker17
    DPS: @Jae Onasi
    DPS: @deltastarfighter
    [Starparse] is recommended but not required. . 
    It is a great tool to see how well you are doing, and how to get even better.
    It's often required in the veteran mode runs. 
    If you would like to be notified of these events: Click here
     Basic Operation Skills.  (OPs)
    Because the stakes are raised in Ops, we cant always power through everything.
    We need to interrupt heavily damaging attacks, boss healing themselves, or CC (Crowd control) mobs until we are ready to deal with them.
    CC (Crowd control)
    Threat Drops
    Making the most out of your interrupts.

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    04 September 2020 10:00 PM      05 September 2020 12:00 AM

    Hello all,
    I will be hosting another Friday Night Master Modes. Let me know what character your bringing or can bring so we can balance the team and switch between each encounter.
    See you out there,

    @Orig Wrangler, @Rykyn, @Jaark, @Katalaw, @Sweetbunny, @AidenRhen, @Jae Onasi, @allticrates, @Falcon III, @Hellary Ren, @Kialya, @Getius, @Aedi Lanigiro, @Vorn, @Jed, @Icy, @Merliah, @Slazersc, @Fainter, @witchbolts, @Dalivandrian, @Laysa, @Madhatter5510, @Evath, @Darth Gumby, @Slyfoxmartin, @Amrithir, @Skywalker17, @Vehirt, @Yiss, @Surrrithux, @TheDevilNox, @Cikopath, @NorthHorizon, @It's Dan, @Etrias, @theangrywelder, @marlzz, @hunterhead, @Quasited, @Mr Invictus, @Eskili, @Mirivor, @ThatGuy_LarryG, @brazymando, @Nabetse

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    29 August 2020 11:00 PM      01:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Pub Side Regs PVP
    Hosted every Sunday from 8pm-10pm est.
    Welcome to all lvl 75 Republic characters!

    Event details

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