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Events happening today

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    01 November 2021 12:00 AM      01:00 AM

    Hiya everyone! 
    On October 31st at 8pm EST we will be hosting a Halloween Party/Fashion Show at the FC House! Put on your spookiest or cozy fall outfits for judging and have a great time! There will be door prizes, the monthly raffle drawing, and fashion prizes galore! The event will be scheduled for an hour, but people are welcome to hang out longer! ❤️ 
    If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way, and you can also check out the related forum threads HERE and HERE!
    - Savvy

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    01 November 2021 12:00 AM

    This event began 04/02/19 and repeats every week on Monday forever

    Last Chance Mythic+
    Come join us as we push Mythic+ keys as far as we can before the weekly reset! 

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    01 November 2021 12:30 AM      02:00 AM

    This event began 06/05/19 and repeats every week on Monday forever

    Fractal Night
    For our weekly Fractal Nights, we gather a party or two to go through daily Fractals and try our hand at as high a Fractal level as we can!  No experience required, we train!

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    31 October 2021 11:00 PM      01 November 2021 01:00 AM

    This event began 04/28/19 and repeats every week on Sunday forever

    Objective: A low-key introduction to trials as well as an opportunity for people to farm gear and practice new builds or roles.
    160 CP Two completed 5 piece sets appropriate to your role No dungeon or trial completions required. However, suggest being able to complete all base game veteran dungeons. Suggested addons: Code’s Combat Alert, RaidNotifier  
    Damage Dealers
    No DPS requirement.
    Suggested sets for magicka beginners: Law of Julianos, Armor of the Seducer, or Mechanical Acuity
    Suggested sets for stamina beginners: Hunding’s Rage, Night Mother’s Gaze
    Suggested Sets for beginners: Law of Julianos, Kagrenac's Hope
    Suggested Sets for beginners: Torug's Pact, Armor of the Seducer, or Spectre’s Eye
    Included Trials
    - Normal Aetherian Archives
    - Normal Hel Ra Citadel
    - Normal Sanctum Ophidia
    - Normal Cloudrest
    - Normal Sunspire
    - TBD (Based on Raid Lead’s discretion and on those in attendance)
    Taking a bit longer to get the dungeon drops you want? No big deal. There are sets that you can craft or have someone from our crafting department make for you to get you into Tier 1 raiding as quick as possible (but don’t stop dungeon farming :P). The following are solid craftable gear choices for all roles and DPS and will allow you to enter Tier 1 right off the bat or complement existing gear you’ve already farmed. 
    Law of Julianos (Magicka DPS)
    Mechanical Acuity (Magicka DPS) 
    Morkuldin (Stamina DPS) 
    Hunding’s Rage (Stamina DPS) 
    Fortified Brass (Tank) 
    Torug’s Pact (Tank)
    Eyes of Mara (Healer) 
    Armor of the Seducer (Healer) 

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    01 November 2021 02:00 AM      04:00 AM

    This event began 02/11/20 and repeats every week on Monday forever

    Come clear some dungeons! Join the "Lobby" ( come to both eso main voice and use in game invite code) and get partnered up with friends as you go out to earn levels, collect gear and generally just slay! The only requirement is a level 10 toon! 

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    01 November 2021 02:00 AM      04:00 AM

    This event began 01/12/21 and repeats every week on Monday forever

    The Slayers is a Story Mode Operations sign up event led by Dalivandrian. Check out the Vestige of Despair Calendar so you can see what we are running each week and sign up there if you'd like to attend!

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    01 November 2021 03:30 AM

    This event began 02/16/21 and repeats every week on Monday forever

    Come capture objectives and run from massive enemy ZERGS with the Department of the Mists in WvW! No experience or specific builds required!
    *May start earlier based on fractals ending time.

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