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    02 July 2021 12:00 AM      01:30 AM

    This event began 03/15/21 and repeats every week on Friday forever

    Have you ever wanted to try out a Dungeon but no one is available? Are you stuck on a difficult part of the story? Do you just want to crank out a world event like Dragon’s Stand or Drakkar? Look no further! Once a week we will be getting together and deciding to do a variety of PvE events based on what YOU the members need. Events will be decided at the time of the event on a first come-first serve basis.

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    07 May 2021 01:00 AM      03:00 AM

    On to Dread Ops part deux!  Please make sure you read the details below before signing up.
    Event Requirements:
    You must have a level 75 Imperial Character.  Item rating (on your character sheet) minimum is 300. StarParse is required. Dps, heal, and tanking requirements are the same as vmops, see below:   Discord is required, we'll be in our own operations channel  
    Event Details:
    Thursday @ 9-11 PM ET  This weeks operation will be VM DP! To sign up RSVP and post what role(s) you can fill (also please specify melee or ranged if dps) below! Note that RSVPing and commenting is required. If you comment, you must also RSVP. If you RSVP, but don't comment, I will take that to mean that you can fill any role and don't have a preference. This is something that everyone must do in order to get a spot.   
    See you all Thursday!
    Raid leader: @Merliah
    Tank: @brnji
    Heals: @Merliah
    Heals: @Jinn Galia
    Dps: @NeveahScottis (mdps)
    Dps: @Hippy (rdps)
    Dps: @axwood1500 (rdps)
    VM Dread Palace @9pm ET

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    02 July 2021 01:00 AM      03:00 AM

    This event began 02/01/20 and repeats every week on Friday forever

    Triple D (Dungeons, Dolmens and Delves)

    The PvE department is hosting the Triple D Friday nights from 8 PM to 10 PM EST.  We will be tackling a random zone each week running around to complete all the Dungeons, Dolmens and Delves we can find.  If this zone happens to be in Elsweyr then Dragons are also on the menu and then the event magically transforms into Quadruple D.  The goal is to gain some experience, gain some gear and to enjoy each others company.
    Discord is highly encouraged for all of our social events. I want to emphasize that we go at a relaxed pace to primarily enjoy each other’s company and to reduce stress as much as possible.  Everyone has stress in life, and so I've build this event to try to reduce it.  This is what the core of social hour is all about.  Oh and of course I like to hand out prizes so that could be on the menu as well.

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    02 July 2021 03:00 AM      04:59 AM

    This event began 02/01/20 and repeats every week on Friday forever

    Objective: To encourage practice and increased skill and effectiveness in your role.
    ~400 CP Two 5 Piece Sets and Monster Set (or equivalent), minimum 10 pieces with appropriate traits and enchants. Completion of any of the following Veteran content: Ruins of Mazzatun, Cradle of Shadows, Castle Thorn, Stone Garden, Imperial City Prison Suggested addons:  Hodor Reflexes - DPS & Ultimate Share, Code’s Combat Alert, RaidNotifier  
    Damage Dealers
    Suggested 45K+ DPS trial dummy parse*.  *Note: This is meant as a guide post, or stepping stone, to introduce parsing and encourage practice of light attack weaving and rotations. Not a hard requirement. However, this is particularly relevant if you wish to progress into Tier 3 content as we do have a stricter dps requirement.
    Require any 2 sets that buff, heal, or help sustain the group.  Suggested Sets: Olorime and/or Spell Power Cure, Jorvuld's Guidance, Hollowfang Thirst Suggested Monster Sets: Sentinel of Rkugamz, Nightflame, The Troll King  
    Require any 2 sets that buff the group or debuff enemies.  Suggested sets: Ebon Armory, Claw of Yolnakriin, Bani’s Torment, Battalion Defender Suggested Monster Sets: Lord Warden, Bloodspawn, Lady Thorn  
    Included Trials
    - Normal Maw of Lorkhaj (Thieves Guild DLC)
    - Normal Kyne's Aegis (Greymoor Chapter)
    - Normal Asylum Sanctorium +1-2 (Clockwork City DLC)
    - Normal Cloudrest +1-3 (Summerset Chapter) 
    - Normal Halls of Fabrication (Morrowind Chapter) 
    - Veteran Aetherian Archives
    - Veteran Sanctum Ophidia
    - Veteran Hel Ra Citadel

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    02 July 2021 03:00 AM

    This event began 02/13/21 and repeats every week on Friday forever

    Are you interested in WvW but don't have the slightest clue where to start? Are you a veteran player looking for a consistent group to hit reset with? Are you somewhere in between and just like the idea of hanging with your pals taking objectives and running from giant death blobs? Well, friend, Friday WvW Reset is the place for you! Queue up early to avoid some wait times!

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    02 July 2021 03:30 AM      05:30 AM

    This event begins 11/16/19 and repeats every week on Friday forever

    This is the day where we commanders gather to explore the universe, combat pirates, Expand our powers grip, or whatever else we want.  It's just about having fun and making money.

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    07 May 2021 01:00 PM      03:00 PM

    PvE Operation Event: Scum and Villainy
    Date: Friday, May 7
    Operation Start Time (Start Time = First Pull): 9:00 AM EST
    Operation End Time: 11:00 AM EST
    You must arrive at least 10 minutes before start time, else you will be replaced.
    Requirements: level 70
    Discord will be required, we will be in our own operation channel.
    Let's just relax and have fun. The only requirement is a level 70 toon.
    If we have enough people, we can do a 16 man op.
    I will lead the ops but I will take a position when everyone else signs up.
    Operation Group Sign-Up List:
    Raid Lead: Dochabi
    Main-Tank: @Ren'ato
    mDPS: @Slazersc
    mDPS: @Patrick Misawa Ichikawa
    rDPS: @Roedynn
    DPS: @Chronicality
    Backups : @Dimisticlus (tank), @Jae Onasi(mdps)

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    07 May 2021 11:00 PM      08 May 2021 12:00 AM

    To all,
    I will be hosting a Slash and Bash Event this Friday at 8pm. All are welcome.  50 million pot will be broken up to the team that wins. Side random prizes will be give out that the end.
    1.  Broken up into teams of 4 ( Selection of teams will be random) Try to group up experience players with non experience players
    2. Rules as follows to earn points:
    Tank (damage and protection)
    DPS (Damage)
    Healer (Heals)
    3. Best of 3 to 5 rounds
    See you out there ,
    @Aravail, @RoguishZero, @Gagi, @Jae Onasi, @Morgani, @Lazyhaze22, @Kriusa, @Mevraz, @Shadowstep, @Vorn, @Hippy, @Jed, @Shaun, @Cixial, @Baron'Karza, @Dalivandrian, @Azilori (he/him), @Bubu Dubu, @Dethvox, @CamoCamper, @Credonice, @hunterhead, @Zephiel5, @brazymando, @Chackez, @indiablonix, @Cora Nilu, @Logani, @Ren'ato, @Halligan, @Dimisticlus, @TheSavageDoctor, @Arlanii, @Dlique, @RavAug0314, @Caiobkw, @Grumps, @Vastor, @NeveahScottis, @zydh
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