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    22 January 2022 12:30 AM      03:30 AM

    This event begins 09/29/19 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Story RP

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    22 January 2022 01:00 AM      03:00 AM

    PVE Operation Event: Big Bosses! Including Toborro's Courtyard, Colossal Monolith, AND Hive of the Mountain Queen!
    This is a great group to experience Operations for your first time with as we will dedicate time for explanations and helping beginners, however all experience levels are welcome.
    Event Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm EST (later this week to account for the community meeting).
    First pull will start at 8:00, please arrive 5-10 minutes early.
    - Level 70+ Character on Republic side
    - Discord, we'll be in our own operation channel
    Starparse is not required but recommended for anyone interested in tracking their numbers. If you would like help setting up your Starparse, please arrive 15 minutes early for a quick help session.
    If we get enough people, we can run a 16man version, so don't be afraid to sign up even if all 8 spots are filled!
    Raid Lead: Skysta & DarthDragonWolf
    Tank: @cyberchp
    Tank: @Dch765
    Healer: @Dexstar
    Healer: @Aldo Hanso
    Healer: @Darth Gumby
    DPS: @Walex
    DPS: @Skysta
    DPS: @Silver4Hire
    DPS: @RogueTwo
    DPS: @Víkarr
    DPS: @Dlique
    DPS: @MalAmenz
    DPS:  @Fooj
    DPS: @thequickbanana
    DPS: @DarthDragonWolf

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    22 January 2022 01:00 AM      03:00 AM

    This event begins 09/19/21 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Legendary Armor Achievement runs! This is a weekly occurring group that will be working towards clearing Wing 1 - 4 Raid bosses and achievements so that we can complete the Envoy Armor I & II collections needed for the pre cursors to legendary armor. 
    If you are interested message @Storm here on the forums or on discord. for more info go to:

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    22 January 2022 01:30 AM      03:30 AM

    This event begins 02/02/20 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Housing and Fashion Weekly Event:
    Fashion and Conquest!
    Saturdays from 8:30PM to 10:30PM EST!

    Join us each week, as we explore the lands of Tamriel in search of the best fashion in the land! If it's collectible, you can bet we'll find it! Each event will cycle through what type of items we are collecting, so check out our events page HERE! You can also get added to our Housing and Fashion notification list HERE to stay updated on our events!
    Some of the items we hunt for: dyes, costumes, pets, runebox pieces, museum collections, etc.
    - Any level character, any faction
    - Discord (optional), but useful for knowing where to go!
    - Enthusiasm for fashion and exploring is a must!

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    22 January 2022 02:30 AM      04:30 AM

    This event begins 12/19/21 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

    Come Join Us for Extremes!

    Sign Ups are conducted using Discord in the #ffxiv-announcements channel.
    Being in voice chat on discord is required for this event, to listen to callouts.

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    22 January 2022 03:00 AM      04:59 AM

    This event began 01/22/22 and repeats every week on Friday forever

    Objective: A low-key introduction to trials as well as an opportunity for people to farm gear and practice new builds or roles.
    160 CP Two completed 5 piece sets appropriate to your role No dungeon or trial completions required. However, suggest being able to complete all base game veteran dungeons. Suggested addons: Code’s Combat Alert, RaidNotifier  
    Damage Dealers
    No DPS requirement.
    Suggested sets for magicka beginners: Law of Julianos, Armor of the Seducer, or Mechanical Acuity
    Suggested sets for stamina beginners: Hunding’s Rage, Night Mother’s Gaze
    Suggested Sets for beginners: Law of Julianos, Kagrenac's Hope
    Suggested Sets for beginners: Torug's Pact, Armor of the Seducer, or Spectre’s Eye
    Included Trials
    - Normal Aetherian Archives
    - Normal Hel Ra Citadel
    - Normal Sanctum Ophidia
    - Normal Cloudrest
    - Normal Sunspire
    - TBD (Based on Raid Lead’s discretion and on those in attendance)
    Taking a bit longer to get the dungeon drops you want? No big deal. There are sets that you can craft or have someone from our crafting department make for you to get you into Tier 1 raiding as quick as possible (but don’t stop dungeon farming :P). The following are solid craftable gear choices for all roles and DPS and will allow you to enter Tier 1 right off the bat or complement existing gear you’ve already farmed. 
    Law of Julianos (Magicka DPS)
    Mechanical Acuity (Magicka DPS) 
    Morkuldin (Stamina DPS) 
    Hunding’s Rage (Stamina DPS) 
    Fortified Brass (Tank) 
    Torug’s Pact (Tank)
    Eyes of Mara (Healer) 
    Armor of the Seducer (Healer) 

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