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    22 December 2022 01:00 AM      03:00 AM

    PvP Partnered Warzones or Arenas @8pm EST
    We gonna see who we get RSVP'd, group up in PAIRS, to avoid the scary large-queue pre-mades that are going around lately, queue up, and play some unraked matches. NO expectation of PvP know-how. NO expectation to win, though we will certainly try our best (or as hard as we can without getting stressed about it 😅) These matches may be 4x4! If we get more signups they could be 8x8! Queues became separated so I'll see about getting at least two events going per week for either, if there's interest.
    Even if you've never PvP'd before, even if you think you'll do terribly, I humbly invite you out to give it a try in a welcoming and safe space where we can safely Legacy Ignore any Trolls/Toxicity and give it a try. During the event feel free to ask Zahk any questions or voice any concerns even if you aren't joining the event! I'm happy to discuss PvP and give tips for all who stop by. 😊
    See y'all then!

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    22 December 2022 11:00 PM      23 December 2022 01:00 AM

    Let's see what Mischief we can get up to for a few hours.

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