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    22 June 2024

    This event began 02/27/23 and repeats every day forever

    The forum calendar is out of date.  Please follow the link below to access our weekly calendar on Discord:

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    22 June 2024

    This event began 03/01/23 and repeats every day forever

    Events for FFXIV are no longer created nor updated here.

    The calendar of events can be viewed on discord here: https://discord.com/channels/511748531204390913/1090007491611471982

    Signups for events can be viewed on discord here: https://discord.com/channels/511748531204390913/1090009145089998919

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    22 June 2024

    This event began 03/02/23 and repeats every day forever

    The SWTOR "Forums" calendar is no longer being updated.
    We are now advertising and allowing signups for all SWTOR events on Discord instead!
    📌 View the weekly reoccurring SWTOR schedule: https://discord.com/channels/511748531204390913/1077208428042264576/1077399669681967164
    There is both a text version and a image-version that shows the weekly schedule there.
    🗓️ View the live calendar of upcoming SWTOR events: https://discord.com/channels/511748531204390913/1077208428042264576/1078055764419166228
    In the overview in #swtor-calendar, you can click the links of the events to sign up for them, view more details, or ask questions in the event thread.

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    23 June 2024 06:00 PM      08:00 PM

    This event began 04/02/23 and repeats every week on Sunday forever

    Weekly casual event for the WoW division. The exact event will change every week, but we'll be focusing on clearing old raids for mounts/transmog, secret mounts/pets/transmog, leveling, and other non-endgame activities. We'll also be hanging out in Discord for anyone that wants to join while they journey around Azeroth or explore other games. There may be weekly level requirements based on what level can actually access the content that we are clearing, but all gear levels, factions, and classes are more than welcome! Please reach out to Varitho in-game or on Discord if you have any questions. Hope to see y'all there!

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Members and Assistants of the Month

ESO MotM / AotM:  blalockicefury LogicalGator

GW2 MotM: Lord Ore


WoW MotM: Frostsprit



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