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GW2 Dragonstorm/Guild Missions/Raffle



Event details


This event began 08/15/18 and repeats every week on Sunday forever

Dragonstorm w/ Crafting & Guild Hall Department -- Come take on not one but two elder dragons with us! This is an easy 2g and some other goodies to help you craft your way into new legendaries with some fun chatter before we dive in the guild missions. Squad will open around 6:45PM EST. Path of Fire and a level-80 character are required.

Raffle w/ Crafting & Guild Hall Department -- THIS IS A MONTHLY EVENT for full members -- 2g per ticket (up to 10 tickets). Raffle will be drawn right before guild missions on the last Sunday of the month. For information on how to join, check here!

Guild Missions w/ Crafting & Guild Hall Department -- Guild missions are a great way to meet your guild-mates! This is our most popular event, it offers a chill environment, various activities, and you don't even need a max level character to participate or any DLCs! If you have never participated in Guild Missions before, we always explain how to do things and offer help!


Good and easy loot, fun group content, and fun times with guildies! It will be a blast! :D

Discord is required for Guild Missions to make sure all instructions are heard and understood. You do not need a mic or to talk; just be able to listen. 

Checkout our complete guild missions guide OVER HERE!


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