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[ESO-PvP] Cyrodiil Siege Basics



Event details



Mission: Basic Training

When: Saturday, December 8th, 9pm EST/6pm PST

Where: Lowest population server, likely 7 day Shorn server

Requisites: At least lvl 10, Charcter in Ebonheart Pact, TeamSpeak


As part of our Cyrodiil Explorations series, we will be featuring Basic Training. This will include:


  • Orientation to the features of Cyrodiil, including Siege Merchants, special items, and The Golden.
  • Discussion of and time for installation/customization of Add Ons useful for PvP
  • Practice in use of setting up and utilizing Siege Equipment
  • Coaching in Call Outs, terminology, and other tactical advice
  • Attempt to take a low risk outpost utilizing our new skills and most importantly
  • Slow, laid back pace to accommodate your questions and help you get a solid footing in Cyrodiil!


We will be playing on the lowest population server available to us at the time. Our main campaign continues to be Sotha Sil, but we may have to guest to Shorn to accommodate our pace. Hope to see you there!

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