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Cyrodiil Siege



This event repeats every week on Tuesday forever

Event details


Mission: Cyrodiil Siege

When: Tuesdays @9:00PM EDT
Where: 30 Day Non-Champ - Sotha Sil
Requisites: At least level 10+; Character in the Ebonheart Pact; TeamSpeak

Recommended Comments

Just a note to say that I was very impressed with the leadership of last nights warfare.  Fighting AD and DC who continuously attempted to sandwich us was to no avail as we did what we needed to do.  STicking to Crown and following orders won many a battle.  Well done to all old and new fighters.  Salutes !  

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Congratulations to Angst, DreamingofRoses, Mevraz & orbitoclast on being chosen Members of the Month for January for their primary divisions!

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