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PvP Social Hour - Cyrodiil Explorations @ 7:30pm EST



This event repeats every week on Tuesday forever

Event details

PvP Social Hour - Cyrodiil Explorations!!



When: Tuesdays @7:30pm EST

Where: Sotha Sil 30-day non-champ campaign

(or Shor depending on level of population)

Requisites: lvl 10+ and Ebonheart Pact


Ready for a different side of PvP? Cyrodiil Explorations is a series of events throughout the month that are both casual and fun! Events may include a “Back to the Basics” overview of fighting in Cyrodiil, fishing in the PvP zone, or taking over strongholds just for the armor you can buy at the vendors. This will also be an event that may venture out to discover those long-coveted skyshards, delves, and dolmens in Cyrodiil! Must have an Ebonheart Pact character lvl 10+ to participate.  Come join in the fun! 


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Congratulations to Angst, DreamingofRoses, Mevraz & orbitoclast on being chosen Members of the Month for January for their primary divisions!

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