ESO Division Assembly



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ESO Division Assembly


All the cool kids are doing it. Doing what? Attending the Division Assembly, that's what! Come hang out in TeamSpeak with us to hear about what's going on in our division.



Intro by @DigitalMonk

Recruitment with @Telana

Crafting with @Nyx

Player versus Player with @Daizey

Roleplay with @SerenityKellan

Player versus Environment with @Skaal

Open Floor for Questions/Suggestions/Feedback


Have any questions, suggestions or feedback? I have set aside time at the end of this assembly to open the floor up to anyone that has something they'd like answered, suggestions or feedback they have. Please note that this assembly will delay the start of Dungeon Mayhem by up to 15 minutes.  Come join us as we talk all the goings-on before grouping up for dungeoneering! Don't have time to join us? This assembly will be recorded and this post will be updated for your listening pleasure.

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