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Hey guys,


Sorry for the long hiatus for the Moose Knuckle!  Lemme know if you guys are all available to run on the 21st and we can set it up!



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Hey all,
I think we may need to reschedule.  @Siscia @Jaqques @Vil are unavailable, and @Elisel is still a maybe.  Looks like only 3 of us and a 4th available at 915.  Let's look at another date and see if we can get more available.   Do we want to choose an available Monday in March?
Thanks all!

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@Jinn Galia that might work better. I'm still a maybe and my meeting this Thursday is dependent upon if I get over this flu... so if the meeting didn't happen, likely means still sick so Moose Knuckles a no go too -

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Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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