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Late Night Leveling | *Unofficial Event*


This event repeats every week on Friday for 8 occurrences

Event details

Kick Off Your Weekend With Some Late Night Leveling



Introducing, Late-Night Leveling with @Elidien! In this event, all members are welcome as we go around a given zone defeating world bosses as well as completing public dungeons and dolmens. This is a perfect event if you:


  • Want to hang out and have a chill time with some cool RoH folks.
  • Are looking to level your character, Champion Points or skills.
  • Interested in Achievements related to World Bosses, Public Dungeons and Dolmens.
  • Interested in Overland Gear.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this event, please ask them down below or send a PM to @Elidien and/or @DigitalMonk.

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Congratulations to Krafted, Azilori, Achilles & Ezoura on being chosen Members of the Month for March for their primary divisions!

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