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[GW2] T1, T4 Fractals



This event repeats every week on Tuesday forever

Event details

T4 Fractal sign-ups will always be posted the Sunday or Monday before the Fractal Event: 



T1 Fractals


Requirements to join:

- At least have exotic gear


Other notes: 

- No agony required!

- First-come-first-serve (no signups) 

- For learning purposes: Whoever is leading T1 should provide information enough to where you can progress. T1 relies much less on mechanics than T4, but there are some. Work it out with your teammates and it will run smooth as butter! 



For T4 Fractals 


Requirements to join:

- Enough Agony Resistance (AR).  Depending on the specific fractal level you could need up to 150 AR. You can use a potion to get an extra 10 (or 15 with Mastery). Message me if you are not sure if you have enough Agony.

- Gear stats that match what your build is (power dps has berserker, condi has viper, etc.). I love off meta builds, but healer thief might be rough.

- That's it!



 If you would like to read up on some guides to make sure you are prepared, there are plenty of good ones out there.

- This is an extensive guide that goes into depth on every single thing you could imagine. Highly recommend if you are looking for extra details. LINK

-MetaBattle is great for finding builds that work well for fractals.  While we are all used to SnowCrows as a resource, they are raid-focused.  There are builds that are fractals-focused. This is also great if you want to optimize your build. LINK

-99CM Video Guide

-100CM Video Guide

Please also take the time to fill out the Fractal Sign-up sheet

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