Battlegrounds/Cyrodiil Exploration



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When: Sundays at 12pm EDT
Where: Any Battleground Arena
Requisites: At least level 10+; Teamspeak



Bring any alliance character you have and join the ranks in Battlegrounds! Battlegrounds are an arena-style event made up of groups of 4 players. We coordinate players to specific groups to show off our skills and rack up on alliance points and different items you can obtain through Battlegrounds only. We offer this event on Sundays at 12pm Eastern. 




When: Sundays at 12pm EDT
Where: Cyrodiil
Requisites: At least level 10+ Ebonheart Pact; Teamspeak


Cyrodiil Explorations

Once monthly, we will have a Cyrodiil Explorations event! This is based on in game events, input from other players and just plain silliness. The event can change at any time so please, check our our events forum for upcoming Sunday runs!

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