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[SWTOR] Scions of Destiny - Temple of Sacrifice VM


Event details

Scions of Destiny


    Greetings my Scions!


   We will be gathering this Saturday at 10:00 PM EST on Vestige of Despair Imperial Flagship to adventure on into the Temple of Sacrifice Veteran Mode!  Please RSVP to this calendar invite or comment below if you are coming or not so I may look for a replacement ASAP! 


Event Details

  • Saturday at 10:00 PM EST until 12:30am on the Imperial side Yavin
  • We will be doing Veteran Mode Temple of Sacrifice so best foot forward tonight!
  • Must be lvl 70 with a gear score of 240 is bare minimum, 242+ preferred.
  • Reminder to Scions: Please RSVP to this so that people who sign up can be alerted to show up or not!



Tank: @Sayuri

Tank: @Owyn

Healer: @Aravail

Healer: @KageSennen

DPS: @Katalaw

DPS: @AidenRhen

DPS: @Bammbamm

DPS: @Sithlike

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Thank you @AidenRhen for pointing out I didn't post this months raids! That said, sorry for the late post and WHO IS COMING?!


I know @Bammbamm texted me he was coming tomorrow. Who else???

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I can back up MDPS for you.  Y'all give good directions on the fights and it seems Revan is the only hard bit now.

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Hey everyone! Sithlike contacted me that his internet out which leaves us short him and a Tank.


Due to recent events in the community i have not had time to back fill for us tonight aside from Vorn here.


I’m going to cancel tonight as I dont have a plan for us to continue our progression combined with that i have things i need to address elsewhere. I’m sorry for this and the short notice. We will resume next week. By all means, if you guys want to get together to still do SOMETHING, please do! Im sure there will be some people around to plug holes.


@Katalaw @AidenRhen @Aravail @KageSennen @Bammbamm @Sithlike

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And I was actually on three minutes early tonight!  No worries Sayuri, will give me a chance to catch up on stuff anyway.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and see you all next week!

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Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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