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[SWTOR] - The Slayers


Event details

Event Details


@Merliah is abdicating her responsibilities this week, so I think it's time we put those Dread 'Masters' in their place, starting with Brontes.  Let's start the invasion by taking down the Dread Fortress!


What is it?

SM Dread Fortress



Monday, June 24th from 8:30 PM EST to 11:30 PM EST



Your character must:

  • Be level 70 (Imperial)
  • Minimum Overall Item Rating of 230 


The  operation drops 236 implant, offhand, legs, belt and gloves.


Starparse is preferred, but not required.


SM Dread Fortress at @ 8:30pm ET!


Post preferred roles below when RSVPing.  Please and thank you!  (I will be tanking unless we get a whole lot of people wanting to tank.)

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