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MasterFlashpoint 6-8 est

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Hello all,

We will be taking a walk on the dark side with some master flash point theater from 6-8pm est. Looking at doing some new flashpoint like Nathema, Umbrara, and Copero, these require a higher gear rating so let me know if your interested.


See you out there,


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Any other time you want to get a small group together for these I'll help! This Saturday though on 7/13 I won't be available until just before Hatter's ops though, so unable to do any before.


Nathema really isn't that bad to do on master, but I have heard Umbara and Copero are extremely painful. With that said, I would love to attempt those two places, as I haven't had anyone else that wanted to do them too before, so I haven't actually gotten a chance to try those yet on master.


Any other time if it is republic, I have all roles geared and ready to help. If I end up healing for a Copero run sometime, I even have a scoundrel that can skip the trash up to the first boss too! If on imperial side though, I just have my DPS currently.


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