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*Aeitheric energy begins to pool in the center of the room. Harsh winds and crackling lightning begin to be drawn to the event horizon of a small sphere of energy that formed in the center. A thundering crash echoed in the chamber as a small crater was formed under the energies coalescing in the room. A shadow came into existence where the energy was funneled through and stood tall as it emanated from the crater. Smoke filled the room for a few moments obscuring all insight. Coughing echoed the room...* 


(Whispers: Stupid teleport spell..)


*Clears throat and smiles* 


Hello my fellow Eorzeans! Allow me to welcome you to the wonderful world of Final Fantasy XIV. 

Bitmoji Image


The event is a simple get together to figure out our Free Companies Role in the world of Eorzea as well as try to figure something out about your character. 


For this event you will have a little bit of Homework! Try to think of one idea for the Free Company and one idea for your character. An example would be something like: For the FC we could be Aetheric Researchers! and for my character she likes sweet foods but hates sour foods! It doesn't have to be complex or well thought out just a simple thing that you personally would like to RP.


We will meet up at the FC House as well as on discord to discuss these topics in full on Tuesday the 6th 2019 at 8:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST

If you don't like to talk over discord that's fine you can replay via the in game chat, but I have a feeling we will be doing most of the discussion on discord.


With this I take my leave!


*In an instant the room is filled with another loud crash and smoke enveloped the area. The stranger was gone...but if one looked at their surroundings they would see the door was open ever so slightly.*


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